Apple Looks To Augment Its Cloud Computing Staff

Apple Looks To Augment Its Cloud Computing Staff

As cloud computing grew increasingly popular by the day, there were fears that it would lead to drastic job losses. I had explored this issue in earlier articles, arguing against the idea (See: IT Workers Will Survive In a World on the Cloud). In fact, in spite of some downsizing, cloud computing is expected to create jobs (See: How Cloud Computing Can Create Jobs), and this was one of my arguments when I proposed the field as a lucrative career choice (See: Should You Train To Be A Cloud Computing Professional? – Part 1  and Should You Train To Be A Cloud Computing Professional? – Part 2).

Now, with major players like Dell (See: Dell Announces Ramp Up Of Taiwan Office – To Hire 100 Cloud Computing Professionals) and Apple hiring cloud computing professionals even in our recessionary times, it seems a good time to be in this profession. What’s more relevant to many of our readers, Apple’s hiring, unlike Dell’s, is not for distant offshore centers but right here in the United States. And the roles on offer are not entry-level either.According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been actively looking to recruit senior-level executives with backgrounds in Web-based software and has informed recruiting agencies about its requirements. Additionally, Apple is supposed to have approached a prominent Internet entrepreneur to take on an executive role in the company. While there has been no official word from Apple, the Journal has cited sources “familiar with the matter”. As with its product launches, Apple has been notoriously secretive about reporting on it’s recruiting.

The Journal quoted recruiter Rick Devine as saying that Apple’s strong culture and high stock price puts it “in the top tier of allure and attractiveness” for recruits, along with Google and Facebook. Devine had helped recruit Tim Cook to spearhead Apple’s operations less than two months before iconic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’s death in October.

Apple may have been a comparatively late entrant to cloud computing, but with its iCloud, it envisions a prominent role in this space (See: Taking a Closer Look at the iCloud  and iCloud:  Present Situation). “We are going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device. We are going to move the digital hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud,” Steve Jobs had said in June. This focused recruiting is just another step in that direction.

By Sourya Biswas

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