Setting Up Your Own Private Cloud With A QNAP NAS

Setting Up Your Own Private Cloud With A QNAP NAS

Previously Network Accessed Storage (NAS) devices were considered the cheap second-rate citizen in the centralized storage front despite the fact that many such NAS devices now support VMware, virtualization and other virtualized applications. Recent developments may just change this perception as some NAS devices now feature Cloud applications as part of their firmware. One such example would be the MyCloudNAS function for various models of QNAP NAS devices.

According to QNAP, the MyCloudNAS function is aimed at both Home Users as well as Small Businesses due to the fact that data on the NAS can be accessed by any device with Internet access. This enables multiple device access support for Cloud storage in one go and should be very attractive to those with existing QNAP NAS devices that support the MyCloudNAS function. The step by step process in setting up the MyCloudNAS function is listed below but a more complete tutorial (with helpful screencaps) can be found at

  1. Login as administrator and go to MyCloudNAS Service > MyCloudNAS Wizard > Express Setup > Next (Make sure the router and NAS are connected to the Internet)
  1. Enter a host name > Select a domain name > Check > Next
  1. Publish Web-based NAS Services (HTTP, FTP/FTPS) > Next
  1. Edit error messages for troubleshooting > Next
  1. Download accessible URLS.

After you’re done setting up the MyCloudNAS service you can send the accessible URLS you downloaded previously to those who need to access this newly created private cloud. QNAP NAS that currently support this MyCloudNAS service are listed below:

  • SS-439 Pro
  • SS-839 Pro
  • TS-110
  • TS-112
  • TS-119
  • TS-119P+
  • TTS-119P II
  • TS-210
  • TS-212
  • TS-219P
  • TS-219P+
  • TS-219P II
  • TS-239 Pro II
  • TS-239 Pro II+
  • TS-259 Pro
  • TS-259 Pro+
  • TS-410
  • TS-410U
  • TS-412
  • TS-412U
  • TS-419P
  • TS-419P+
  • TS-419P II
  • TS-419U
  • TS-439 Pro II
  • TS-439 Pro II+
  • TS-459 Pro
  • TS-459 Pro+
  • TS-459 Pro II
  • TS-459U-RP
  • TS-459U-SP
  • TS-459U-RP+
  • TS-459U-SP+
  • TS-559 Pro
  • TS-559 Pro+
  • TS-559 Pro II
  • TS-659 Pro
  • TS-659 Pro+
  • TS-659 Pro II
  • TS-809 Pro
  • TS-809U-RP
  • TS-859 Pro
  • TS-859 Pro+
  • TS-859U-RP
  • TS-859U-RP+
  • TS-879 Pro
  • TS-879U-RP
  • TS-EC879U-RP
  • TS-1079 Pro
  • TS-1279U-RP
  • TS-EC1279U-RP

*Note that if you have a QNAP NAS model as above but do not have the MyCloudNAS function, you can add this if you update the firmware using the built-in firmware update function.

By Muzaffar Ismail

Muzaffar Ismail is an avid technology watcher on the hardware side of the Cloud in particular around the areas covering Asia in general.

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