Cloud Hiring Reaches New Heights

Cloud Hiring Reaches New Heights

For those offended by puns, I apologize for the very obvious one in the title to this article. But considering that there has been a 61% annual increase in cloud computing-related jobs, you will undoubtedly agree that the title is no exaggeration.

Backing up a little bit, it seems only yesterday that opponents of cloud computing were proclaiming the end of the IT profession as a career of choice. I had argued that in spite of the shift in job requirements, there would always be opportunities available for the right candidates (See: IT Workers will survive in a World on the Cloud). After all, pilots didn’t become redundant when the airline industry made the move from piston-engine aircraft to the jet era.

The aforementioned reason, and others, was part of my argument of cloud computing as a viable (and lucrative) career choice (See: Should You Train to Be a Cloud Computing Professional? – Part 1  and Should You Train to Be a Cloud Computing Professional? – Part 2). I followed this up with some reports on individual firms, all big names, adding people to the cloud computing professional ranks (See: Dell Announces Ramp Up Of Taiwan Office – To Hire 100 Cloud Computing Professionals  and Apple Looks To Augment Its Cloud Computing Staff ). Today, I will write about a recent report from Wanted Analytics, a talent research firm, which gives a macro view of the hiring situation in this field.

According to the report, the last three months have seen employers and staffing firms advertising for more than 10,000 jobs that included requirements for cloud computing skills and experience, a whopping 61% increase over last year. This figure was even more impressive at 95% in the San Francisco metropolitan region. Other cities with high demand included Seattle, San Jose, Washington, DC, and New York, although San Jose did see a year-on-year decline. And it’s not only traditional IT that requires cloud computing knowledge nowadays – other positions that specified such requirements include Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Service Representatives, and Cargo & Freight Agents. Not surprisingly, the report says, “As cloud-based software increasingly impacts additional areas of business, other fields are more commonly required to understand and work with cloud-based applications.”

At the same time, supply is having a hard time meeting all this demand – all the more reason to choose this as a career. According to the report, recruiting for cloud computing is presently “moderately difficult”, with some areas like Washington DC facing an especially difficult time with job ads staying live longer than the national average of 44 days. Hence, it seems to be a good time to brush up on cloud computing knowledge and maybe acquire a few new certifications (See: Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream with University Certification Course).

By Sourya Biswas

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