Finding Your Place In The Cloud – New Cloud Computing Jobs For 2012: Part 2

 New Cloud Computing Jobs For 2012: Part 2

Continuing our look at emerging tech jobs for 2012, we will take a look at the not so directly related jobs such as Augmented reality specialist, Chief agile officer and Flexible resource manager.

Augmented reality specialist

The augmented reality specialist will see things that aren’t there and make connections between growing technologies with common everyday objects. Augmented reality or AR is quickly becoming the next big thing in retail as AR-enabled apps let people see the latest deals through their smartphones or tablets, vacancies in hotels or events that may occur in the next day or two just like Robocop or the Terminator was able to identify targets complete with outstanding information in real-time.

Other names:

Objective(s): to create the interface of the future that guarantees the best deals in retail therapy

Skills required:

  • experience in interface design specifically in 3D modeling including texturing, shading and rendering
  • tested programming ability in HTML5 and any major smartphone or tablet operating system such as Android and iOS (knowledge in Microsoft related smartphone operating systems will also be an advantage)
  • the ability to visualize new technologies and implement them in a new vision of the future

This is a pioneering position as many million dollar startups are looking to push AR into their new Cloud operating apps so that people can see if that new purple shirt looks great on you without ever having to open a button. The ideal candidate for this position will have an understanding of current technologies and will be able to implement them according to a specific purpose or need.

Chief agile officer

Just like client-server and the Cloud, the linear and sequential waterfall model of development is going to be replaced by agile development due to its better flexibility and faster turnaround time.

Other names: Chief transformation officer, Agile coach etc

Objective(s): to build and inculcate agile methodologies that will best suit [insert company name here]

Skills required:

  • proven track record in implementing complex agile methodology based projects
  • good communication, coaching and training skills
  • exceptional project management skills

While the agile methodology is by no means new, like the Cloud, it is the next step in the evolution of business development. The ideal candidate for this position will have worked his or her way up in an agile environment yet still be able to identify what exactly he or she did at which phase of development so contextual information is just as important as operational experience.

Flexible resource manager

The exponential growth of new technologies will see many new job roles emerge. The Flexible resource manager will forecast these new jobs, define what skills will be required and how long they will be required.

Other names:

Objective(s): to forecast new jobs and skill sets, bring in new talents and integrate them with the existing team

Skills required:

  • a deep and thorough understanding of the roles in Cloud computing, Big Data and other emerging technologies related to [insert company name here]
  • proven track record in administration and human resource
  • a good degree in project management

The ideal flexible resource manager will be able to tell the future and prepare for it. Rather than fill in the position when it is required, he or she will be the one making the suggestions as to what new roles need to be filled and then finding the talents required to fill these positions.

Numerous other emerging tech jobs are coming out of the woodwork for this new year of 2012, and we can only forecast the most likely to appear. More such tech jobs that we’ve never heard of may emerge in the coming months so those looking to make a career change or are fresh from college would be wise to watch these emerging technologies closely.

By Muz Ismail

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