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HP ‘Master The Cloud’ Event (Montreal) – Part 2

HP ‘Master The Cloud’ Event (Montreal) – Part 2

HP Breakout Session

How to accelerate the journey to private or hybrid cloud  

With Chris Christianopoulos CloudStrike and CloudSystem Lead, HP Canada

You recognize the power of the cloud. Deploy new applications and services in hours instead of months. Match IT resources to demand with unprecedented efficiency. This session will explore best practices for transitioning quickly and securely, while demonstrating clear business value.” (session overview)

We’re at A, so how do we get to B? If we look at the IT world today, we’ve evolved to more complex systems… From physical IT services, to virtualized, to hybridized cloud services.” But not only is the world of IT changing, the role it serves is evolving too, as the provider and supplier of technology services. Services such as information, infrastructure, and application related to users’ needs as well: increased speed, lower costs, and better quality.

If you’re looking at the long term health of building an environment, you have got to give yourself the flexibility to be able to change and be flexible in 5 years. Decisions you make now will impact you for years to come.” Continued complexity or simplicity becomes the choice.

To succeed means to act instantly.” Acting, though, does have implications for IT organizations. You have to move from the mindset of IT management and technology costs to becoming a growth enabler, as well as a provider of service management and value. Chris says that most people think the challenge is simply “Do we have the technology to do what we need?” That is not the whole picture though. It also takes people, policies, plans. It’s a much bigger picture than you think. So how can HP help? You have to consider your approach to the life cycle of your service and make it structured, with a roadmap that addresses people, processes, and technology. HP wants you to have the customization and implementation that you need, so they are introducing HP CloudSystem.

Chris goes on to say that HP CloudSystem is the most complete, open, integrated system to build and manage clouds.
You get key differentiators with CloudSystem:

– Single services view across private, public, and hybrid cloud
– Multi-hypervisor, MultiOS, heterogeneous infrastructure
– Intelligent automation and lifecycle management application-to-infrastructure
– Scalability and elasticity
– Converged infrastructure built for the cloud

Taking advantage of HP’s CloudStart solution, you can be up and running with a private cloud within 30 days. this is leaps and bounds better than today. The problem with today’s infrastructure is obvious to most… too many departments and people, steps, processes, and potential errors and delays. It can (and does) take weeks to months, to more than a year to implement traditional solutions.  CloudSystem alleviates all of that, and more. It has “bursting” capability. Bursting, which is a crucial ability when you have unexpected or seasonal needs, allows you to bring in that extra capacity when you’re at service peak. Increased agility. Increased cloud experience. The benefits are amazing.

As an example success story, Chris shows just how well an HP cloud solution can help a business. Server Cloud Canada
( is a company based in Kingston, Ontario, offering virtualized servers and IAAS to small and mid-side businesses. They had a challenge of delivering their servers and IAAS faster, and more efficiently. They, with HP, deployed the HP CloudSystem Matrix, which gave Server Cloud Canada greater agility and customer time-to-value. That may sound good, but the proof is in the numbers: They had a 99% reduction in customer time-to-value deploying new infrastructure, thanks to CloudSystem reducing that time from days to… minutes. That in itself is amazing, but with a projected $1M/cad in possible annual savings thanks to reduced staffing.

HP CloudSystem is a great way to make that next step, once you know what problems you need to solve, and what your goals are.

Event Coverage By Josh Horner

Post Sponsored by HP 

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