Piston Cloud Debuts First OpenStack OS

Piston Cloud Debuts First OpenStack OS

In a move set to make waves for VMWare, Piston Cloud Computing Inc.came out with their Piston Enterprise OS, the first OpenStack-based OS in the industry. Announced on Wednesday (18 January 2012), the new OS which is to be called pentOS is set to offer datacenter-owning enterprises a smoother path down the private cloud road.

Standardized Private Cloud enabler

As most enterprise-class Private Cloud creators will acknowledge, there is currently no set way or method to put together a Private Cloud, or at least up till now. Most of the time, these efforts were cobbled together using bits and pieces of VMWare or Microsoft Server 2008 (and a healthy amount of duct tape and patches) to create a workable whole. This is why the OpenStack framework created so much buzz, as a standardized method of creating a Private Cloud would make it a much easier process.

Cost-cutting VMWare alternative

The release of pentOS is very timely considering that many companies with datacenters of their own are making the move to the Cloud or at least considering the move in 2012. While it still isn’t the mass exodus most Cloud proponents are hoping for, it should lead to a larger amount of Cloud users especially as the pentOS is priced at $3,500 per server. Compared to VMWare’s general $17,000 per server price tag this should be more than enough of an incentive.

10 minute installation

Piston have said that their pentOS utilizes Diablo and as such only supports a single data center for now. These pentOS users can cut their single site into 10 separate zones. This should technically allow each zone to support up to 200 servers resulting in nearly 20,000 virtual machines. Future editions are said to span multiple clouds as the pentOS was originally designed for $250,000 enterprise-datacenter installations. Each pentOS will only require 10 minutes to install and have a year of 24/7 support.

According to Piston co-founder and CEO Joshua McKenty the company has already sold 10 pentOS licenses ahead of its release. In a hint towards what type of server pentOS might work best with, Piston recently announced that the Piston Cloud now supports Dell servers and switches.

By Muz Ismial

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