Fancy Your Own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud?

Fancy your own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud?

Cloudscaling’s OpenStack Private Cloud platform provides an answer

Designed for very large-scale deployment and enterprise-class businesses, Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS) platform is set to incorporate management and security features on a much higher level than other OpenStack offerings. According to Michael Grant, Cloudscaling CEO, “We’re introducing a cloud infrastructure suite of products that essentially delivers an Amazon Web Services-like cloud, but on a customer’s premise.”

Cloudscaling initially made its name as a Cloud Brokering service, helping some really large enterprise-class businesses such as Korea Telecom and Internap to carry out Cloud Computing integration and infrastructure development. During their time building public clouds for these providers, they didn’t find any tools capable of operating on the same scale as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was even more so with OpenStack, as according to Randy Bias, Cloudscaling Founder and CTO has no tolls for scaling, analyzing and managing a large cloud infrastructure. Like many others, they found themselves cobbling together their own solutions, building features for custom-make designs that weren’t available in current off-the-shelf offerings.

Building upon this, Cloudscaling’s OCS platform will provide an OpenStack-based Open Cloud OS for core functionality, Hardware Blueprints for detailed networking hardware deployment configurations and CloudBlocks for a unified architecture that will tie the other two components together through modular building blocks. This approach should allow enterprise-class businesses the ability to scale up and down exponentially without causing any instability. While some other OpenStack developers are working on a private cloud OpenStack device for a more plug and play type of experience, Cloudscaling was firm in their belief that it would reduce the benefits of using an open operating system. Grant further elaborated by saying, “It’s antithetical to the open cloud architecture. Having proprietary hardware is a form of lock-in.”

The new Cloudscaling OCS platform offering is scheduled for its first unveiling this Monday during the Cloud Carrier Forum during the Cloud Connect event at Santa Clara California. Cloudscaling is partnering with Arista Networks and Quanta Computer Technologies to help launch the platform. The platform should prove to be a very attractive solution for those larger scale enterprises looking to creating Public Cloud services of their own. Customers already onboard with Cloudscaling also include AT&T.

By Muz Ismial

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