Making The Leap From Public To Hybrid Cloud Computing

Making The Leap From Public To Hybrid Cloud Computing

While the Private vs Public Cloud debate continues to plod along, a major Public Cloud user struck an equally massive blow for Hybrid Cloud when Zynga decided to make the move from AWS to their own zCloud private servers. In a move which flipped 80% of their Public Cloud usage to specialized Private Cloud servers which Zynga have dubbed zCloud, the move illustrates one potential path for small startups and SMBs to follow in their pursuit of massive exponential growth on a Cloud Computing based platform.

Just a few years ago, Zynga’s piece of the online gaming pie was almost inconsequential, but the maker of games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars has quickly grown to include millions of subscribers with this number set to grow even further. Originally most of their needs were covered by Amazon Web Services mainly because they were unsure as to their exact data center needs.

This description fits with almost all of the startups currently gaining ground in the burgeoning Cloud Computing market, as well as some SMBs without dedicated datacenters looking to make the move to Cloud Computing. While Zynga only came to the realization of the benefits provided by a Hybrid Cloud later in the game, it does mark out how those who may follow in Zynga’s own trailblazing path might go to Hybrid Cloud Computing as well.

Zynga have made it clear that they would prefer a Hybrid Cloud approach as Allan Leinwand, CTO of infrastructure at Zynga commented when asked when they might make the move completely to Private Cloud. He said, “I don’t know if I’ve thought about it that way. I want both in our toolbox. I want to launch games in zCloud and have the flexibility of bursting to Amazon.” He elaborated further when he said, “We own the base, rent the spike. We want a hybrid operation. We love knowing that shock absorber is there.

Rather than go for an optimized Private Cloud (which could prove as unwieldy as any other overstocked datacenter), growing SMBs and startups could just make the jump straight to Hybrid Cloud without having to reach any point of realization. While Zynga did alright with most of its servers on Public Cloud, they could have reaped the benefits and efficiencies of both Public and Private had they gone Hybrid Cloud much sooner.

As it is, there are a lot of proponents for Hybrid Cloud with Cloud Service Brokers just itching to get you and your organization onto a Hybrid Cloud at a mere fraction of the price. So rather than do the whole cobbling together of your own Hybrid Cloud, you could check out our earlier piece on Hyper-Hybrid Clouds for some pointers on picking up your own Hybrid Cloud enabler.

By Muz Ismial

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