University Down Under Offers To Make Students Cloud-Capable

University Down Under Offers To Make Students Cloud-Capable

Sometime back I had postulated that the true success of cloud computing in entering the mainstream is dependent on the technology being not only part of our everyday lives, but also a part of our education system (See: Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream with University Certification Course). Thus, when the University of Washington decided to offer a certificate course in cloud computing, it truly was a big deal.

Since then, there have been some developments on the job front that have strengthened the argument of teaching cloud computing as a subject (SeeCloud Hiring Reaches New Heights). Now, another university, this time Down Under, has decided to offer students a specialized course in this increasingly popular industry.

The course, titled “Infrastructure,” will be available at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels at Bond University (, and is a response to “requests from industry that they were looking for these sorts of skilled people,” according to Professor Paddy Krishnan, the head of the Department of Software Systems at the institution.

With computer power becoming inexpensive, technologies such as cloud computing infrastructure and virtualization are becoming popular as consumers of IT services are no longer bound to the need to acquire and support specific hardware implementation but instead access these ‘on-demand’ from a networked service provider,” Prof. Krishnan said.

When it comes to IT specialties, cloud computing is definitely the next big thing. This option of accessing unlimited data storage and software requirements ‘on demand’ from an online storage provider has the potential to significantly reduce business costs and improve customer service. Graduates with specialist knowledge in this emerging field will be quickly snapped up by employers wanting to take full advantage of the untold benefits offered by cloud technologies,” he added.

Industry demand for trained cloud computing professionals in Australia is not unexpected. The country has a flourishing industry where established players like Amazon and Rackspace operate, along with homegrown rivals like Ninefold, with no love lost between them. Also, the Australian government had made its support for cloud computing known quite early. Under these circumstances, it’s not difficult to imagine that this course will get an encouraging response, both from the student and recruiter communities.

By Sourya Biswas

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