Cloudwords Automates Accurate Translation

Cloudwords Automates Accurate Translation

Cloudwords Automates Accurate Translation

Documentation localization remains one of the major cash pitfalls of doing an upgrade for a software often because the translation is done inefficiently or applied to the entire document or manual, rather than the small upgraded and additional feature added due to the software upgrade. Cloudwords creates a more organized translation approach for these processes by automating the overall process. This includes reducing duplication and streamlining workflows to help reduce costs by more than 50% especially with repeat projects as the existing content is stored in Cloudwords own Translation Memory solution.

While the actual translation work is done through a standard online translation work marketplace with human translators, all of the actual processes are automated with clear-cut costs and tracking so you know where you spent your money and how. Only the best of translators are let into the Cloudwords marketplace and you can opt to decide the best vendor according to your needs and the vendor’s bid.

Designed for seamless integration with other SaaS startups looking to break into other markets, the translation platform API is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing business and products. The Cloudwords system unifies translation efforts in the entire organization so that there is much less duplication and more cost-savings as different departments don’t have to do things twice.

The most recent product from Cloudwords is Cloudwords for Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge, allowing clients to automatically move their Knowledge articles out of Salesforce, into translation, and receive the translated articles from their translation vendor directly via the API. There is a free trial for the Cloudwords service while pricing begins at $199 per month for the basic package and $599 per month for the professional

package. The professional package in particular is designed for the enterprise users with multiple departments and existing documentation content. While they currently target mostly the software market, Cloudwords are looking to expand into other industries such as the health and pharmaceutical market as well.

By Muz Ismial

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