Deloitte and Join Hands in Global Cloud Computing Alliance

Deloitte and Join Hands in Global Cloud Computing Alliance

Companies joining hands on the cloud is nothing new, a recent one being the alliance between Microsoft and HP (See: Microsoft and HP Join Hands on the Cloud). Before this, I had covered some team-ups among smaller players in this space (See: Recent Cloud Computing Team Ups – I  and Recent Cloud Computing Team Ups – II). However, a recent alliance between Deloitte and maybe one of the first of its kind between a consulting firm and a cloud services provider.

Now, Deloitte is not new to cloud computing, having earlier announced Deloitte CloudPrint, a “proprietary delivery framework has been designed to help guide clients through the process of becoming a cloud service provider or subscriber” (See: Deloitte’s New Cloud Offering – CloudPrint). Now, with this “global alliance,” it has considerably increased its cloud footprint.

Companies in general, but specifically our clients are looking to work more effectively and more efficiently. The inherent benefits and possibilities via cloud computing and can represent a solution catalyst.  It’s an exciting time to be at the frontier of this domain with a pioneer like,” said Bill Allison, principal and global technology leader at Deloitte Consulting.

Over the past six years Deloitte has helped customers achieve success in the cloud. Through the expanded alliance, we can build on the success and accelerate the shift to the social enterprise globally,” said George Hu, chief operating officer (COO) of

Global demand is on the rise and the additional resources and scale enabled by a global alliance with can extend our reach and capabilities around the world. This is yet another step in Deloitte’s long history as one of the leading consultancies in the marketplace,” said Paul Clemmons, principal at Deloitte Consulting and leader of the firm’s cloud market offering and emerging solutions service line. He will be leading the alliance out of San Francisco.

Now, here’s an interesting situation that bears exploration. Considering that firms engage Deloitte consultants to provide the best possible solutions, the question arises if there’s a conflict of interest with the firm partnering one of the companies that they may recommend to their clients. (Disclaimer: I will be joining one of Deloitte’s competing firms in June 2012) While consulting firms are very careful about such issues and have safeguards in place to prevent potential pitfalls, both parties will have to tread carefully.

By Sourya Biswas

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