Education and Society: Why Both Need Technology

Education and Society: Why Both Need Technology

Educational institutions are critical to the development of the society itself. As a matter of fact, to say that they are critical is an understatement: education is, after all, the backbone of progress of development. What does this mean? How can education be the backbone of progress itself?

First of all, the societies are complicated networks. They are complicated because societies are lived in and are run by people who are unique. Basically, living in a society is trying to live in perfect harmony with others whose minds and hearts may or may not be entirely different from yours.

It may seem simple enough; but, the truth is, it is truly complex. This is the very reason why early societies crumbled easily. During the dawn of mankind, people were preoccupied with other things that they were not able to consider education as an important aspect of their societies. After all, why would they bother with educating themselves when they were far too worried about their own survival?

If education was a challenge then, it is a greater challenge now. We live in a society which, quite literally, is a global society. Indeed, it is no longer logical to think that you live independent to those on the other side of the world. Because of this globalization, education is now more essential than ever before.

If education must succeed in its task of uniting what it needs to unite, then it must keep abreast with the demands of the times. In other words, it must constantly update itself so that it becomes technologically at par with other aspects of the society. Indeed, this is highly critical. To assume that education can happen with the use of traditional approaches and traditional ideals is nothing more than an act of folly.

One of the best things to assure that educational institutions are well capable of delivering the kind and the quality of education that they are expected to deliver is to make use of the cloud computing. Basically, it is not really a very new technology. In fact, some experts are saying that cloud computing has existed half a century ago but it did so at a different form. However, it took some time for the educational authorities to realize that cloud computing can be utilized in the educational arena.

Cloud computing, by itself, is actually a very large and a very broad technological system. Cloud computing, in truth, has subsystems that are beneficial to other sectors, especially in the market.

So, how can cloud computing improve the delivery of basic services? There are actually a lot of ways wherein cloud computing can boost education. For one, it allows educational managers to actually link their services so that they become easier to integrate. Furthermore, learners themselves will be able to access an unlimited amount of data online in order to simplify their learning.

However, just because this technology is able to grant infinite information to the users does not mean that learners will be independent from teachers. Indeed, teachers are still critical in the entire teaching-learning process. Without teachers, learners will never be able to identify the good from the bad, the useful from the useless.

By Cenon Gaytos

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  1. Education and Society has benefited a lot in the progress and dedication to improve and change that cloud computing offers.  Many companies have evolved in terms of having a more productive and stabilize system.  Education on the other hand has helped in improving student’s learning capacity and has given them a wide range source of knowledge.   But still, just like what you said, teachers are still critical and important in the entire learning process because they are human beings with emotions, capable of teaching is what is right and  wrong.

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