HireArt: Pre-screening Interview Hopefuls In The Cloud

HireArt: Pre-screening Interview Hopefuls In The Cloud

HireArt: Pre-screening Interview Hopefuls In The Cloud

Finding the right person for the job has always been difficult especially as many people tend to fudge or pad their resumes with things that they cannot actually do. HireArt is one cloud startup that simplifies this greatly by prescreening your interview candidates and allowing them to put their skills to the test before you actually interview them through online testing, questions, video interviews and file uploads. Alternatively, the company can also handle the whole finding and pre-screening process for you.

Started by Dain Lewis, Nick Sedlet and Elli Sharef, HireArt provides an online SaaS platform for your candidates to go through the overall interview process faster and more accurately. They provide a number of pre-set templates for this process so that you need not take time to create one from scratch. Interview hopefuls are provided access to this platform and provided with questions provided by yourself along with assignments that can be uploaded via file transfer.

While you can do the reviewing and grading yourself HireArt can also do this for you. By employing experts in specific fields such as professors and other professionals on a part-time basis, they can more accurately grade that the persons you are interviewing can actually do what their resume says they can do. So if you’re a manager with PR and business background looking for a couple of good techies then HireArt is one of the better ways of finding the right person for the job, without having to have knowledge or experience in that field.

While this weeds out those who can do from those who preach, in the long run this is also good for those people who can actually do the job but don’t necessarily interview very well and who don’t have the prerequisite certificates but do have the required skills and experience. In short, it creates a pre-screening system of merit which should make everyone involved happy especially when looking for new unorthodox job positions such as social media management manager or Cloud Migration Director.

HireArt currently provides their services on a case-by-case basis.

By Muz Ismial

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