Important Features of Cloud Computing

Important Features of Cloud Computing

Since the inception of Information Technology, it has played an important part in ensuring that companies and businesses run smoothly. Information Technology has provided various types of services which are secure, reliable, and available every time. In order to obtain the highest quality cloud computing, business owners have turned to its characteristics and features in order to acquire this service. Cloud computing has become attractive to end users and customers because of these salient characteristics.

A key characteristic of cloud computing is its quick scalability. Upgrades and changes to the services are done instantaneously and easily enabling the cloud computing service to be resilient. A business owner can easily request for additional bandwidth, data storage, processing speed, and additional users or licenses. There is no need to do project implementation, procurement, and project costing because the system just needs the business owner to place an order to the cloud computing vendor.

With the cloud computing service, everything is measurable. The business owner can obtain a specific number of user license per software, and a fixed network bandwidth and data space which fits the business’s demands. This feature makes the cost of cloud computing predictable. It also defines accurately the inclusions in the service. If the business owner avails of such service, his employees can experience different services online with large data spaces; various new software; multi-value added services; various processing techniques; and ease of accessibility to a capable and rich network.

An important feature of cloud computing is its ability to let the business owner decide on his current and future needs. If he expands his business, he can easily request for additional services which can match his needs. Cloud computing also makes available various hardware or software resources. A business owner can access such resources on demand. Cloud hosting is also more reliable because it manages the whole cloud thereby allowing a business owner’s website more data spaces, bandwidth, and more resources depending on the site’s needs. Resources of websites which are not accessed currently are freed and moved to sites which are in dire need of additional bandwidth, data space, and other resources.

Security is also stricter in cloud computing. Data is share within a server therefore the provider must ensure that each account is secured, that only authorized users in one account can access it. Loss of data is also avoided because the supplier must ensure that every hardware or software resources are high end because there are a lot of clients relying on the service. Backup is also sophisticated in cloud computing. A business owner need not worry about backup responsibilities because the supplier has taken steps to put up a great system for backup. Disk failure or server crash won’t create much problem because the supplier can easily restore the latest backup.

Cloud hosting is for business entities which use resources heavily. Small and medium scale industries can also be accommodated but only large companies can take advantage of the availability, versatility, and power of cloud computing. Huge businesses which transfer their applications which use up too much resources to the cloud in order to free up their old dedicated servers to decrease cost of operation.

By Florence de Borja



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