ScaleXtreme: Server Automation From The Cloud

ScaleXtreme: Server Automation From The Cloud

ScaleXtreme: Server automation from the Cloud

As one of the major Cloud Computing startups to watch for the past few years now, ScaleXtreme offers server automation for both private and public clouds and datacenters. Utilizing their API users can build, deploy, monitor and manage server automation, particular those involving system generation and ongoing server system management. They also offer system template customization so that you can generate particular systems specific to your organization or business without too much hassle or customization. These template generated systems can then be launched easily onto any of your public or private cloud setups.

The entire process has been simplified so much now that after the customization process you can easily deploy or re-deploy to a new cloud with just a few clicks.

Following the usual backstory of creating something due to multiple times of having to reinvent the wheel for datacenters and enterprise users, ScaleXtreme was founded to create an easy-to-deploy and even easier way to use, deploy and manage server automation. In addition to the above private and public cloud deployments, the startup also offers services for Hybrid cloud management, OpenStack, Cloud management, Server management, Server lifecycle management, Server automation and Cloud servers.

Like other SaaS startups, ScaleXtreme follows a monthly subscription method with the usual pay-as-you-go methodology. The pricing for ScaleXtreme packages are surprisingly low at just $5 to $15 per month. There is even a free version which allows you a taste of what the service can do, but this is limited to a single cloud and only has the basic features and monitoring functions although it still offers patch management functions as well.

Recently, ScaleXtreme also made waves by gathering up tens of millions in funding for more development as well as releasing an iOS app that has been optimized for Apple’s iPhone use. Initial reviews of the app have shown that it is mainly for monitoring purposes so that IT Admins won’t have to be separated from their “babies” at work. For some of us, this is more of a double edged sword as it gives new meaning to the term on-call for IT staff, especially those with iPhones. The app also works with the iPad but acts more as a shortcut to the web application than an actual functional app. More features are expected to come along with more server automation functions and perhaps more platforms than just Apple.

By Muz Ismial

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