Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way

Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way

Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way

Matching the meteoric rise of social media with Cloud-based applications is BumeBox, a social media marketing startup that creates the equivalent of a big-time expo for your online fans. This helps to achieve the main online ROI goal that most online businesses are looking for, that is to convert fans and visitors into paying customers.

They provide the management for such social media events including:

  • analysis and optimization ~ using their own package of analytics they will provide the necessary information to optimize your online experience
  • development ~ no in-house coding or implementation needed
  • customization ~ customizing your social experience according to your campaign objectives
  • monetization ~ utilize BumeBox’s full suite of commerce and advertising tools for both products and ad space
  • reach ~ more than a single one-off tweet, your message will reach further and faster than before

Catering for specific events BumeBox have a respectable list of diverse clients including, Marc Jacobs, Universal Sports, Dethrone and many more. Each of the online events carried out for these clients have resulted in massive spikes in social media ROI. One of the more recent events was’s Valentine’s Day party focusing on Ebay’s online retail and shopping for that day. Passionate fans talked to Ebay about Ebay, allowing them to participate in interactive conversations regarding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts available on Ebay’s extensive site. The numbers alone were staggering with 9,300 tweets generating more than 14.2 million social impressions. In essence,’s site was viewed more than 14.2 million times during the online event held by BumeBox, creating a staggering marketing reach for Ebay, with each participant tweeting an average of 9 times. Other clients have seen their online revenue jump to 250% and 3000% month to month for a very credible online ROI due to the BumeBox platform.

While BumeBox’s past events have covered everything from online retail to fashion houses and sporting events, the sheer diversity of their past clients means that their platform is robust and flexible enough to cater to any business’s events regardless of field or industry. Mother’s day may still be rather far off, but there is always something going on online and if they manage to hook up a major electronics expo for an online explosion of social media they may be able to expand their own reach even further.

By Muz Ismial

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