Cloud Password Security Startup: OneID

Cloud Password Security Startup: OneID

OneID – Just click once to authenticate anything

Having to remember multiple passwords for your various online identities is rapidly becoming a major headache, especially if you frequently use various types of online payment, social media or just buy stuff online. OneID hopes to alleviate your memory woes with a single online identity, picking up from where previous single online identity startups have left of. While it is by no means the

first or only startup to offer a single online identity as a service, it is one of the few to have garnered about $7 million worth of funding from venture organizations such as Khosla and North Bridge.

Founded in mid-2011, the saas startup is looking to use this capital to further expand its single online identity service to the rest of the marketplace. They already have a developer version out, which was launched in March 2011 and is free, but hope to get an individual user based version out soon. The way the developer version works is to provide an easy to install API (just a couple of lines of Javascript) which results in a single OneID button on the site. The initial sign-up and registration would be the only time you ever enter any of your payment and password details, after which all you would need to do is to Just click as their tagline goes.

The service simplifies things greatly while offering a number of pre-set conditions that can be switched out or set accordingly so each time you pay for something all you need to do is just click once for the payment to go through. According to the OneID site, if your transaction is supported by OneID it won’t even provide any payment details to the site in question, just your OneID Checkout approval. Like other Cloud SaaS startups, everything is online so even if your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, you can still lock up your OneID transactions on the stolen device from the online dashboard.

While the checkout is just one click, you have complete control over how you want the OneID to work in authenticating your transactions and sign-ins. OneID have said that they currently have over 1000 sites covered through their partnership with Salsalabs and plan to add support for thousands more sites everyday, eventually garnering support for up to 1 million sites by year end. Right now, success for OneID hinges on how many bigname sites sign up for a OneID checkout, instead of utilizing their own efforts to do online identity authentication.

By Muz Ismial

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  1. Definitely we are using many online account and service,so it  needed to safe and  proper use.We can follow some basic rules and guide  and  also some software are available to protect the Id,or any account.There  you have mention one Id for many  thing,I am not sure on that issue.

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