How Important Is Ethical Hacking For Enterprise Security Architecture?

How Important Is Ethical Hacking For Enterprise Security Architecture?

With the increasing need for information security, business organizations which plan to adopt new technologies like IT outsourcing, virtualization, and cloud computing must be able to identify and face each security threats and come up with security architectures, policies, and processes. They must consider taking advantage of ethical hacking which is getting popular as an important security practice.

In a white paper recently released by Frost & Sullivan, “The Importance of Ethical Hacking: Emerging Threats Emphasize The Need For Holistic Assessments”, ethical hacking benefits were discussed aside from its role, solutions, and technical concerns. According to the report, the success and sophistication of cyber attacks can be directly traced to the funding of well-trained, highly motivated, and well organized groups of programmers by huge criminal organizations and nation states. Due to the increased threat, there is now a need for a more comprehensive assessment of a company’s security measures. It is important for the business entity to set up effective infrastructure, procedures, and security policies in order to prevent or reduce the effects of data hacking.

Because of the ever transforming hacking tactics, various security vulnerabilities, fresh business technologies, changing business practices, and new security technologies, a business entity now faces a huge challenge when it comes to security requirements. Only professionals with a wide expertise can best solve these various security challenges.

Ethical hacking provides an objective analysis of the business’s security. An organization engaged in ethical hacking usually has no knowledge of the business’s systems except those which they can easily tap. These hackers typically scan for weaknesses, prioritize targets, test entry points, as well as create a strategy which can best put their resources in a great advantage. After the security measures are assessed, the ethical hacking company can then prescribe remediation advice for the business’s unique security objectives, capabilities, and IT environment. The business entity can do fine-tuning of their security tools, make adjustments on their security policy and efforts, as well as identify any required training.

Various organizations of different sophistication levels and sizes can benefit from ethical hacking because it can provide a third-party, expert, and objective analysis. According to the report, businesses are still skeptical about taking advantage of the ethical hacking service because they are not comfortable in allowing a third-party to access their sensitive resources and systems. To alleviate this fear, it is best for organizations to employ an ethical hacking service which has implemented practices which guarantees confidentiality and privacy. The ethical hacking company must be accredited by EC-Council and International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

For the organizations security architecture to be effective, it must be verified regularly. This may pose as a great challenge especially for business entities which have complicated IT environments including new technologies, policies, end-user awareness, and security solutions. Each of these systems is tested in order to emulate an attack scenario. According to Chris Rodriguez of Frost & Sullivan, “Ethical hacking services are the best way to attain valuable assessments and recommendations necessary to properly tune these complex security measures”.

Frost & Sullivan has 50 years of experience in partnership with various companies, including the investment community and emerging businesses. It empowers its clients to achieve accelerated growth, leadership, and innovation by providing best-practice models and disciplined research focused in implementation, evaluation, and generation of growth strategies. It has presence in 6 continents comprising at least 40 offices.

By Florence de Borja


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