Cloud Events In The USA Not To Miss In 2012

Cloud Events In The USA Not To Miss In 2012

Involved in a business in the cloud industry? Surrounded by cloud professionals? Reading daily the most recent news about cloud computing and cloud management? It does sound like you are very much immersed in the industry. So, if you want to connect with strategic decision makers, learn from the best or position your organization as a cloud leader, here are the most important cloud events you would not want to miss this year.

Cloud Computing Expo

Find out about the two unstoppable enterprises IT trends, cloud computing and big data at the 10th Cloud Expo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, held June 11-14th 2012. Technical and strategic breakout sessions, General Sessions, Industry Keynotes, Expo floor complete with two busy Demo Theatres, leading players in the Cloud and Bid Data industry are the main reasons you should attend the Cloud Computing Expo event.

Cloud Connect Event

Entitled “The Defining Event for Cloud Computing”, this is another cloud related event professionals should not miss. Held in several locations, in September 10-13th 2012 the event would be hosted in the Windy City, Chicago. Main topics of the event will cover:

  •  Cloud Economics
  •  Platforms
  •  Data & Storage
  •  Security
  •  DevOps & Automation
  •  Performance and Monitoring
  •  Private vs. Public Clouds

Cloud Camp

Taking place in many locations, CloudCamp is an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas”. Sharing experiences, ideas, challenges and solutions between end users, IT professionals and vendors is the main purpose of this event. Interested in listening industry leaders talking about latest trends in Cloud Computing? Check when this event is organized in your city; or somewhere nearby.

Still, if you do not have the time or the resources necessary to attend these types of events, don’t feel too sorry. There are plenty of reviews, blog posts, articles written after the events have finished that will offer you the essentials of what happened there. Even better, you can follow live blogging or live online broadcasts. And there is always Twitter for these situations: each event has its own hashtag used by participants to transmit information during conferences.

These are just some examples of the cloud computing events any cloud professional should attend. But of course, there are many other opportunities, one only has to look for them. Besides the many events, I recommend you watch the latest edition of CloudViews Unplugged, a monthly video blog analyzing the top cloud news stories.

With so many options, who can say they have no resources to inform themselves?

By Rick Blaisdell / Rickscloud

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