Cloud Start-up: StearClear Starts Your Car When You Can't

Cloud Start-up: StearClear Starts Your Car When You Can't

Cloud Start-up: StearClear Starts Your Car When You Can’t

More often than not, when you’re too intoxicated to drive and the designated driver is more or less in the same condition (or you went drinking alone), the sensible thing to do is to take a taxi back home. Unfortunately, most of the time this leads to your car either being towed away, stolen, broken into or missing a couple of tires by the time you manage to get back to it in more-or-less driver-ready condition. While there are a lot of designated driver services all over the place (if you don’t look, you won’t find them) StearClear is taking the SaaS approach by offering you a quick-and-easy way to get both you and your car back home in one piece.

While StearClear does provide designated driver services itself, it is more like the bigger umbrella organization under which these designated driver franchises operate. Utilizing three apps working together in tandem, StearClear makes it easier for you to contact these designated drivers, for the nearest designated driver team to be notified and for the franchisee bosses to organize their driver teams. This helps to keep drunk drivers off of the road.

The way it works is that you activate your iOS or Android app on your smartphone (which has already been prepared with payment details, your drop-off address, and so forth) – it’s a kind of SOS beacon. The franchisee boss app will pick up the signal and then route the nearest available designated driver team to your location. The team will then have one person drive you and your car, while the team car follows behind with the designated driver team app calculating the cost of the distance traveled. Once you’re safely back home, you can click your app once more, and the driver team will be paid according to the costs calculated by their app and the monthly subscription you’re paying. The third franchisee boss app is designed more for the iPad and provides an easy-to-use view of where driver teams are, customer requests and other reports.

This SaaS approach makes everything a whole lot easier, as StearClear will take care of all the HR, tax, payment processing, driver checks (criminal background, sexual predator, etc.), and even periodic drug tests. Franchisee bosses just need to organize things, while the driver teams get an easy way to be contacted and paid, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved. The StearClear startup is currently operating in parts of New Jersey and is backed by $500,000 worth of funding.

By Muz Ismial

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