The Delphix Agile Data Management Platform – New Database Virtualization Solution

The Delphix Agile Data Management Platform

Nearly every business process in the modern enterprise is powered by database driven applications. As result, maximizing the agility and availability of application environments while minimizing associated costs has become a top priority for CIOs across the globe.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog article about The Benefits of Data Center Virtualization for Businesses and referred to data virtualization as layered in order to manage huge data volumes from disparate sources. Now I would like to talk about Delphix, an additional method which is not a virtual integration layer over the top of the databases, but a virtualization layer under the databases, which accelerates and simplifies a different part of the data/ application development process. Recently I was fortunate to have a conversation with Delphix’s CEO Jedidiah Yueh. Yueh’s first company, Avamar, was acquired by EMC in 2006 for $165 million to fill a hole in EMC’s data-deduplication strategy, and Yueh was brought on as the VP of Avamar product management. Yueh then went out on his own again in 2008 to create Delphix.

The Delphix Agile Data Management Platform is an excellent choice to replace expensive, redundant hardware with intelligent virtualization software. This solution is able to deliver instant access to virtual copies of databases for massive productivity gains and enables agile data management that removes redundant infrastructure and slow down processes.

The solution helps organizations to increase application development productivity by 500%, eliminates up to 95% of storage costs, and recovers from database downtime in minutes. The Delphix next-generation database virtualization engine allows companies to complete more application projects, faster and for less money.

Another topic worth mentioning are the three types of virtualization I talked about in the earlier mentioned article. Besides the ones I mentioned, server virtualization, desktop virtualization and virtualized appliances, Delphix provides a fourth approach, database virtualization, which establishes and maintains synchronization of data between source databases and a Delphix Server.

Database virtualization being the next logical step in the evolution of the datacenter, Delphix is the solution that permits enterprises to spend less and move faster compared to other solutions. So I was really delighted to talk to Jedidiah Yueh about this new innovative technology solution as it shows how many amazing things can be done in the cloud.

By Rick Blaisdell

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