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Cloud storage is not just a place where a company or individual stuffs their files; it also creates a more functional business plan. For most business owners, their IT budget is sloppy and unclear. Enter Cloudability. This new company markets itself as the “ for cloud storage” since it monitors a company’s cloud computing spending, rather than storing the actual files.

Does Cloudability Really Serve a Purpose?

Many traditional business owners would look at the idea of Cloudability and dismiss it, but according to the beta statistics from Cloudability’s release in November 2011, Cloudability was able to save cloud storage users up to $2,000 per month simply by tracking their cloud storage spending and, of course, the waste incurred.

One of the success stories that Cloudability boasts about most is that of their client MediaCore. MediaCore signed up for Cloudability’s services, and it was a good thing they did, because Cloudability helped prevent MediaCore from making a ten-thousand dollar mistake. This video-encoding company had disabled their 30-second trial account, which put the company at risk for hackers. The next morning, Cloudability’s interface notified the MediaCore Company of a $4,000 spike in their CDN costs, which was due to the fact that hackers were sending 24TB of video over their CDN throughout the night. MediaCore was able to correct the problem. A few months before using Cloudability, MediaCore lost $20,000 due to not having realized a similar mistake in time.

What Companies Are Missing

Not all companies utilizing Cloudability’s cloud storage monitoring will save over $20,000, but the fact of the matter is that most companies using cloud services have no idea what cloud storage gateways are left open. When these are left open, the company can incur thousands of dollars in charges for cloud storage they are not using – hackers are. For larger corporations, multiple cloud services are often running at one time, which means most companies are unable to track all of their cloud storage usage.

Cloudability’s goal is to save companies who use cloud storage money– even if it is just a few pennies. Right now, Cloudability is only able to track costs for cloud storage and services, and the company has yet to release whether or not they will expand their services to other areas. There has been some speculation that Cloudability will expand into identity management, but company representatives have yet to comment. Regardless, Cloudability has proven itself an effective monetary monitor for companies and individuals using large-scale cloud storage on a daily basis.

By Julia Spence

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