Privacy In Cloud Computing: Assured Or Assumed?

Privacy In Cloud Computing: Assured Or Assumed?

All avid computer users have enjoyed the benefits and conveniences of cloud computing, either knowingly or unknowingly. Most of us rarely understand what is happening behind the screens, especially when lost in interesting movie or music, or even when perusing the information about your competitors. As a result, the privacy and security of the information in cloud is sometimes assured. What of other times? Is it assumed?

Most of us overlook privacy warning and security procedures when utilizing the ever-dazzling gadgets, most of which expose us to an elevated echelon when it comes to compromises. A certain tech-user had his digital life taken over and destroyed over a span of minutes, with the perpetrators committing vilifying broadcasts in his identity. What started as a simple breach to an email ID boiled down remote erasure of data on multiple gadgets.

In the aftermath, questions lingered regarding the manner in which the perpetrators pulled the stunt off. Was the use of powerful spyware and virus employed to peel back on the secrets of the individuals and reveal overtures into his digital arena? Actually, the gullibility of people and processes was exploited through social engineering.

In just the same manner in which Facebook suggests friends from past associations, social engineering can be used to piece information and data about a single entity from multiple locations. Once the data is collated, it becomes easy to map the weakest link in his digital space, especially if daisy-chaining is used to link multiple accounts on different platforms.

With the rapid changes in the tech-world, it becomes impossible for vendors to keep up with the changes and exposures originating from the improvements in processing speeds. As a result, protection from such instances is accorded through the efforts of the individual, coupled with input from vendors and other service providers.

Loss of data is easily mitigated through back ups in physical locations and utilization of fool-proof sign-in processes to edge out bots. In addition, browsing through certified websites eliminates the exposure to spyware and viruses and other social engineering modules which could exist in different locations. Frequent changes in passwords and log in sequences eliminates exposure as well, since most social engineering stances are presented in predictable mode, which can be disrupted by change in algorithms in the system being tracked.

Finally, efforts by users of gadgets to understand the intricate nature of the gadgets they use are also necessary. Most manufacturers offers guidelines and manuals, most of which are written in extensive fine print, making it hard for people to pay attention to. However, it is imperative to take into consideration basic security measures, just incase.

By Rick Watson


Rick has been involved in computer technology for the last 17 years as a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 corporations. He is an avid reader of Sci-Fi books and is a big fan of collecting and restoring old sports cars.

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