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Secure Cloud Hosting Companies

Secure Cloud Hosting Companies

Secure Cloud Hosting Companies: Part 1

We have provided a generalized list of some of the larger and more secure cloud hosting companies in the world.

1 – SalesForce

SalesForce is a very strong market leader, having developed 105,000 cloud computing applications that run in real time. The aim of the company is to develop applications that allow running the social media communication in real time.

Why?  The Ruby platform developed by SalesForce is deemed impenetrable by most of the corporate giants. Apart from that, the company has successfully integrated enterprise CRM solutions over the cloud platform.

2 – Verizon Terremark

Verizon is of the most famous cloud computing platforms and is attracting corporate attention with the release of the new cloud computing platform. It is anticipated that it will be on the top within the next two years.

Why?  People at Verizon seem to understand the importance of security, portability, and integration; they have built their platform around these principles. They also offer single enterprise solutions for small businesses.

3 – Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been dominating the cloud market for the last three years and not just because of a strongly established reputation. They have introduced many security protocols in the online market and are expanding fast.

Why? Amazon has introduced advanced security measures in the IT sector, leading to the reduction of identity and data theft due to the implementation of advanced security algorithms. They have also increased their processing power three times this year compared to that of 2011. This has allowed them to acquire clients such as corporate giant Coca-Cola for their internet database management needs.

4 – CenturyLink

CenturyLink is one of the three telecommunication companies that entered the cloud computing market and made a standing name. It is a large company currently managing 48 internationally acclaimed data centers and a floor space of 2-million square feet.

Why? CenturyLink proved its worth when it acquired Savvi, a market leader in the cloud computing industry, and Qwest Communications International Inc., making it a very strong stakeholder when it comes to cloud computing data security.

5 – Rackspace Inc.

Rackspace may be one of the dark knights of the cloud computing sector. Currently, 170,000 customers and 80,000 servers across the globe are using its services. Although they have not been able to “rack up” billion-dollar customers, statistics show that they are one of the fastest-growing clouding companies across the globe.

Why? Rackspace gets its name from providing the services to individual customers rather than just corporate giants. Apparently, there was no cloud computing service that was offering individual hosting services with such features delivered at an acceptable price. Along with the individual hosting services, it also provides the customer with database management tools and a hybrid security program.

Stay tuned for the next group…

By Walter Bailey


Walter has been a technology freelance writer for several years. His focus is on Cloud Computing and Big Data.

One Response to Secure Cloud Hosting Companies

  1. Interesting list in here, I wonder whose companies are in from 6-20.  Nevertheless, cloud hosting companies should have promising cloud hosting system in order to gain a lot of clients.  Their system will carry their companies reputation.


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