The Top 20 Most Secure Cloud Hosting Companies: Part 2

The Top 20 Most Secure Cloud Hosting Companies: Part 2

Continuation from Part 1

6 – Firehost

Firehost is a rapidly growing cloud computing platform with dedicated servers, virtually unlimited data storage, unlimited bandwidth and close to real time processing for online applications. They have gained popularity over the past couple of years and by gaining several large corporate clients, have been able to transform themselves into a billion dollar company.

Why?  Firehost has implemented several security protocols with advanced algorithms and secure firewalls which makes their security impenetrable. They also provide root access to their corporate clients in order to give a more reliable security and dependable data storage. Firehost may not be a viable option for an individual client; however, for a corporate client, Firehost is a strong option.

7 – Google

Google has always been a online giants regardless of the services provided online. It has been the leading brand and had a lead over the competition. The same goes for clouding computing. Google may not be THE best cloud computing company in the online market, but it is no push over either. With 21% of the cloud computing customers in its pocket, Google is looking to expands its services even further

Why? Google has decided to expand the services and make them available to every individual on the planet. Google has always been big on security and implements several security protocols such as ISP tracking, firewall, malware blocking, anti-virus plug ins and a lot more. This makes it one of the top contenders in the top 10 list of cloud hosting companies.

8 – HP

HP is the current market leader when it comes to hardware accessories worldwide and with the release of the beta version of its cloud computing platforms it seems like it is gaining up in the cloud computing market as well.

Why? HP has teamed up with an impressive amount of online security platforms (12 to be exact) to help ensure secure data storage over the cloud. Apart from that HP allows every user to access the cloud through a pay per hour data model.

9 – Softlayer

Softlayer is a new contender in the cloud market yet has been able to grab the attention of companies like blackberry. This is due to the flexibility and the portability of the platform.

Why? The softlayer platform has been designed to maximize accessibility and security making it one of the most viable options in the cloud computing market.

10 – Gogrid

Although Gogrid has entered the market recently as a cloud computing platform yet it has been able to capture the attention of most of the large corporations and individuals alike.

Why? Gogrid provide a secure user platform intended to outlast the viruses and malwares. Their latest operating system allows data backup and offers a faster and more secure data storage option for the enterprises.

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By Walter Bailey

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  1. Cloud computing is popular as a place to save files securely lately. The feature I love is the ability to undo data or files that deleted accidentally. In addition, It’s easier to save and share files directly to another computer in another location.

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