Trust In The Face Of The Cloud

Trust In The Face Of The Cloud

Large scale industrialization of data centers are just but a minor indicator of the extent to which cloud computing has become entrenched across the globe. Most individuals are not aware of the impact of cloud computing on their life, considering that they are not specifically concerned about the intricacies of the tech world. However, soon, most people will demand to know topography of networks they are on, primarily because most human beings are subject to the bandwagon effect. As soon as issues are raised, everyone suddenly gets a voice, resulting to a chain reaction of views and arguments. People will always be human, but it is important for trust issues to be addressed before the bandwagon effect takes over.

Trust is a weight issue, attached to the physical aspect of human beings through a complex network of senses. Business runs on trust. You of course trust that you are alive, however much you have no idea how it feels to be dead. Forgive my digression, but I seek to outline the importance of trust in every aspect of lives, especially with relation to cloud computing.

Access to data and information relating to top secrets of most corporations will be out in the open, under the protection of encryption and passwords. Although numerous security measures are in place to ensure this, determined individuals have proved capable of hacking into the most secure networks. In spite of the fact that transfer protocols are securely bound to protect data on private and public clouds, it is completely impossible to assure the security of such data, now and in the future.

Vetting of security personnel and cloud providers is a major aspect of the success of cloud computing. Currently, private clouds have succeeded where public clouds, primarily due to privacy and security issues. Since private clouds have restricted access, it is easier to control the number of individuals snooping around through a multiplicity of tools. With regard to access and the presence of human operators, matters of trust will only be eliminated once cloud computing establishes protocols for elimination of the human element in control of the cloud services. Just like the automation of ports played a major role in eliminating the delays in international trade, so will such measures promote cloud computing.

The fact that most organizations thrive on sharing data is true. In the same regard, it is necessary to realize that technological advances have made it possible for the minutest forms of information to open gateways to your network. Be it a cookie from a desktop browser or just a log, this data can be used as the foundation more explicit infringement on your privacy.

Since most users of computers are not expert network administrators, their actions could erroneously expose the whole organization to losses now and in the future. It is impossible to determine the extent of infringement at the onset, making it necessary for issues of trust to be addressed at all levels.

By Rick Watson


Rick has been involved in computer technology for the last 17 years as a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 corporations. He is an avid reader of Sci-Fi books and is a big fan of collecting and restoring old sports cars.

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