Can The Security Models Of Google And IBM Combine To Improve Cloud Security?

Can The Security Models Of Google And IBM Combine To Improve Cloud Security?

People know Google as a consumer-savvy multinational while they see IBM as a product-oriented company. While the former is famous for its rollercoaster of search services and e-mail hosting platforms, the latter is the mind behind many applications and devices the IT community uses now. It is worthwhile to know that four years ago, the two Internet and electronic giants agreed to lock heads on what many deem to be the blooming trend of the tender century—cloud computing. The question is: will they manage to create a major package that will serve the security requirements of both the public and enterprises?

A fair answer could emerge by evaluating the separate cloud models of the two companies. Google is famous for its service-oriented cloud facilitation, with services including e-mail sharing, search engine, and everything in-between. It has also gone to the technological field through Android gadgets which are also using various cloud models. There are also programs like Google Maps that guide people to search places if caught up on the wrong side of geography.

IBM, on the other hand, has been steady on applications. In fact, some analysts consider the company to be more academia-focused than showy. However, no one can deny that its programs have contributed immensely in transforming the web to what it is today.

After this evaluation it is possible to find how the two companies can combine their separate models for a more secure cloud environment. They can improve cloud computing by using IBM’s apps to transform the Platform as a Service (PaaS) dispensation. At the same time, they can utilize the sharing model of the e-mail and social media to interact with many people, at once, when using their programs.


The security of such a partnership would be the main issue of concern. They would have to find a way to encrypt data as it passes from the access to the core layers of security models. Luckily enough, apps (like those of IBM) sometimes offer safety automatically. They can serve as the starting point for safety. It is also true that the search engine company (Google) can synchronize its apps with those of IBM and create a more dynamic layer of open source interactions. This would have a double security dispensation—before one moves to retrieve data, the devices will have to request for passwords; others will automatically bring up firewalls against transgressors of private clouds.

It’s even possible that a Google-IBM partnership may improve cloud computing in analytics. Research in trends would reveal the dens of insecurity through frequent customer concerns.

By John Omwamba

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