Simple Ways For Businesses To Leverage The Cloud For A Competitive Advantage

Simple Ways For Businesses To Leverage The Cloud For A Competitive Advantage

Cloud computing is one of the best technologies of the century. It allows companies to leverage their computing functions on other company’s servers. When corporations, small businesses, or nonprofit organizations adopt this technology, they get many benefits. The common ones are streamlined costs, efficiency, and security. This article looks at ways businesses can boost their competitive advantage by adopting cloud computing services.

Cutting costs with cloud computing

Cloud computing allows a business to use other company’s hosted software and hardware at a lower price than the one for buying physical hardware and software. The maintenance costs are catered for by the hosting company. In the end, a business is able to benefit from optimized services at low costs, allowing it to increase its revenues. The extra revenues could be used to motivate its workers, finance expansions, and invest in marketing or other activities to boost their advantage in a competitive business environment.

Improving workflows and project management

Cloud computing can be used for project management. Most companies lack a synchronized project management system, in the detriment of their competitive advantage. This is because poor project management results in delays, rework, and higher costs. With a good project management system—provided by cloud computing—businesses can manage projects effectively. They can also communicate changes, monitor performance, and update schedules faster. All these will improve productivity and result in more revenues.

Fostering healthy working relationships and communication

Different expert reports have indicated that telecommuters are more efficient than office workers. Naturally, these workers spend less time in traffic, work at their own pace, and in an environment that motivates them. Cloud computing functions can be adapted to allow workers to telecommute. The revenues of the company will increase because they will spend less on electricity and office space and because its workers will improve their productivity. These will boost the competitive advantage of the business.

Saving valuable business time

Cloud computing can save businesses a lot of the time wasted in meetings because it offers e-mail solutions, online video conferences, voice and video calls. All these can be used instead of physical interactions to save business time. This means employees will spend more time in the work zones, which, in turn, results in better time management and productivity.

By Walter Bailey

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