3 Security Principles To Keep Your Cloud Information Secure

3 Security Principles To Keep Your Cloud Information Secure

The increased security risk of having your files and programs on someone else’s server is one of the main reasons why so few people and businesses are making the move to cloud computing. And while hackers serve an essential role of showing programmers the fragile spots in their security systems, it is never a good feeling when they do so by accessing your data. Still, truth be told, many times hackers do not need to crack the security systems of cloud servers,—those are very well protected and have a team of experts keeping an eye on them 24/7—instead they will go for the weak links that the users themselves create. So here are three essential security concepts that you need to keep in mind whenever accessing your cloud data.

1. Take Good Care of Your Passwords

The simplest way for a hacker to access your cloud information is to find out your password, and there are many ways they can do that. First, many of us tend to set simple passwords, but there are many software solutions that store and test the most used passwords. Second, even when we do set a strong password, if we set a simple answer for the security question, it will be just as easy for anyone else to find the answer to that question and recover your password. Third, we use password managing software. The debate about how secure these programs really are is way too long to explore here, but the gist of it is that as useful as these programs may be, the best solution will always be to rely solely on your memory.

2. Whenever Possible, Go Beyond Simple User/Password Security

No matter how elaborate and secure your user and password combination may be, there will always be the chance that a virus or worm program will make its way into your computer and monitor and send back anything that you type in on your keyboard. So take the time to learn how to use a firewall software because, as complicated as they may seem, firewalls are really the best security you have against other people trying to access your computer. And also there are many cloud services that provide you with a two-step authentication method: you need to fill in your user and password, which others may gain access to, but then they will send you a message on your cell with a random security code that is the best way to keep your authentication method secure.

3. Keep Your Cloud Secret

Ultimately, the best way to make sure that other people don’t try to access your sensitive information on the cloud is to not let them know there is anything to be accessed. In other words, make the fact that you have a cloud a secret of its own, and so there will be fewer people interested in hacking it. Finally, you may have the best security systems protecting your own network but free public networks may not be as secure, so be very careful when accessing your cloud via free hotspots or other terminals.

By Luchi Gabriel Manescu

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