A Glance At How The Cloud Is Changing The IT World

A Glance At How The Cloud Is Changing The IT World

With the emergence of cloud computing as the ultimate saviour of the IT industry, the Internet world has experienced a change in terms of technology and approach. While better mobility, accessibility, and viability are some of the most significant areas experiencing this change, subtle shifts in work culture or responsibilities have still not fetched much attention from the industry-insiders. But you can see a slow yet steady change taking place in the IT world right after the birth of cloud computing. Let us have a sneak peek at how cloud computing is changing the IT world.

Change of role as security provider: Not long ago, IT companies were used to act as the protector of the industry from any kind of security threats. From system access to data security, the sole responsibility was left to IT service providers. But now that the cloud has emerged as the IT service provider, it is expected to play the role of the security protector when it comes to offering enterprise level cloud service or applications.

New meaning of IT support: Internal IT support was an integral part of any IT company. People used to work as on-call desktop support engineers. But when a company purchases complete cloud services from a cloud provider, the need to employ internal IT support executives becomes obsolete. On a positive note, the IT support staffs are now emerging as the remote cloud support executives.

Dedicated IT staff: When a company had a customized CRM or SAP software, it used to feel the need to hire specialized IT staffs knowledgeable about required software. Now, as cloud has taken over the whole business scenario, everything is online; hence dedicated staffs are not on demand in the companies running on cloud computing.

Network management is easier than never before: Cloud computing has freed all the network performance management executives from the taxing sessions of monitoring network performance. As the online applications and software are designed to check and monitor the network connections, IT department can easily focus on other tasks.

Traditional IT ways are moving into backstage as new trends are emerging. For all the IT professionals, it’s time to brush up their IT skills and prepare for the new era.

By Durba Sengupta

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Author Bio - Durba is a professional writer and blogger who is passionate about the latest technological trends and changes. With a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, she is possessed with a nose for the latest news along with an innate capability of presenting the complex technological matters in a simple way.

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