Big Data – Will This Hype Last Long?

Big Data – Will This Hype Last Long?

Do you know what fate has in store for the ‘big data?’ We all are too engrossed in discussing and celebrating the bigness of big data, but we have not thought about its end. Now, nothing is eternal in the technological arena. Like the ultimate rule of universe, everything here is vulnerable to mortality and nothing can be immortal. So we all know that change is the only constant thing in this world. Now before I start quoting Socrates or Dante, I must tell you that these philosophical dogmas aptly describe the techno world too. Every now and then a new innovation replaces other not-too-old ones, new terms and jargons are pushing the previous ones in the obsolete lists; and a 6-7 months device is losing its charm to a 1 week old new device.

Big data was also a new entry in the world of information technology where the world was slowing waking up to the new dawn of World Wide Web. As the time progressed, a huge chunk of data used to be generated every single day from the millions of websites and other online activities. Soon the IT world felt the need to streamline this uncontrolled data and make the most of it by researching and analyzing the potential information hidden in this data storehouse. Thus ‘big data’ came to the fore. And the rest is history. We all know how the proud possessors flaunt their big data information and how the SMEs dream of a day when they will reach this much coveted position with their house full of big data.

But the Gartner report ‘Hype Cycle for Big Data, 2012’published on July 2012 forecasted an impending fall of this big data phenomenon. In fact, if the predictions are to believe, within the next 2-3 years the world will see the demise. If you closely notice the recent trends in data management, you will see how enterprises are giving priority to store and analyze any type or size data of their customers than to the big data.

Previously, companies used to spend millions of dollars in controlling and channelling the mammoth size of data. Now, it has become the norm. And soon the big data is going to be merged into ‘massive data’ or ‘any data’. What will happen to the ‘big data’ then?

By Durba Sengupta


Author Bio - Durba is a professional writer and blogger who is passionate about the latest technological trends and changes. With a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, she is possessed with a nose for the latest news along with an innate capability of presenting the complex technological matters in a simple way.

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