Can Cloud Computing Be Regulated? Join The Debate

Can Cloud Computing Be Regulated? Join The Debate

The year 2012 is close to an end, but the world is yet to find an answer to a question which has been there for last couple of years—Can cloud computing be regulated? The need of regulation—a much talked about but unsettled question—comes up whenever a new cloud service steps into the world.

In a stage when our lifestyle is becoming controlled by smart tools and technologies, we can hardly ignore the value of cloud computing. In fact, we find it tough to imagine our daily life without the cloud technology. This ever-growing acceptance and impact of cloud computing makes the Silicon Valley consider bringing regulations to cloud hosting services. In order to define the guidelines and to control who is not complying with the regulations,  a global regulatory body for the cloud is needed. Recently, the European Union took the initiative to create a regulatory body to control cloud computing. But what are the pros and cons of cloud regulations?


1. The world has seen how the EU waited two years before welcoming cloud computing, in the fear of safety and security issues. Once a global cloud monitor is there, people will not think twice before embracing the cloud. We can assume that a proper regulatory board will act as an instant stimulating factor for the popularity of cloud computing services.

2. So far, there is no certification for core cloud services. With the establishment of a regulatory board, inevitably, organizational certifications like ISO are likely to set a standard for the service providers. Those certifications must include primary factors like legal, privacy, and security issues.


1. Regulations may bring higher costs and more complex solutions. Right now, cloud services can be accessed even for free. But once the whole business will come under guidelines and regulations, an increase in service cost cannot be avoided. That may put countries like Greece in trouble as they are struggling hard to cope with the economic downtime.

2. Checkbox mentality will grow and the free spirit will be eliminated from the domain of cloud computing. Right now, the innovations are happening because of the freedom. Once this is restricted, service will become automatized.

By Durba Sengupta

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