Cloud Computing Myths Explained: Part 2

Cloud Computing Myths Explained: Part 2

OWNERSHIP: Cloud would make me lose control and ownership over my data

A common feeling – I would lose control over my data. Because you are not storing your data physically with you it’s obvious to feel like this. You don’t know about the data storage, security mechanism and legal terms at the storage location (if it is a different country). Well this is actually a precaution you need to take care while negotiating SLA. Usually good cloud providers explain ownership in the service agreement and store and protect data as per your requirement and specifications. In case you don’t see this clause, you should ask your provider for the ownership clarification.

If you have a feeling of getting locked in with one vendor, simply ask for a plan in advance about the process of data and application transfer if you choose to migrate to another vendor later or back to in –house. It may sound asking about the divorce process even before engagement but to avoid any doubts you should discuss with your provider.

MIGRATION: Cloud migration is complex

Your cloud migration is dependent on the applications you choose to deploy and use of tools and strategies to deploy cloud architecture. So it would not always true to say that cloud migration is quite complex. To be specific service oriented applications are simple to adopt as compared to non-service applications. With the continuous advancements and innovations going on this field there are robust tools available for simpler deployment and management of cloud applications. So cloud is not tough to integrate. Also good service providers take care of migration and provide necessary information and tools to make the process painless for you.

SME friendly: Cloud is good for SMEs only

This is definitely not true. As large companies can afford to have their own infrastructure and man power to run the latest applications and servers, it’s often heard that cloud is good for small and medium businesses only. Of course today cloud has changed the game by enabling SMEs to deploy best business class facilities like large enterprises without spending huge upfront costs but cloud services are equally useful for large companies too. Cloud enables scalability, agility, collaboration and pain less management of social applications which is useful for large companies too.

VIRTUALIZATION: I already deploy virtualization, so I don’t need Cloud Computing

Because both virtualization and cloud aim to enhance the computing power, they are often thought as same phenomena. Virtualization is a part of your physical infrastructure and cloud is a complete service. Cloud computing is much more than virtualization. You can achieve virtualization in-house but that is not comparable to effects of cloud computing. Cloud is strategic deployment of infrastructure and software to create a customized service architecture which can be scaled on demand. Virtualization is a key component of cloud but cannot replace the cloud for sure.

FUTURE CONCERN: There is no future of Cloud , it’s just a short-lived craze

Future is often a judgment criteria associated with a newly launched object or phenomenon. Honestly cloud is not a new thing, though it is evolving from many years. Only the nomenclature is new – Cloud computing. So on reality ground something which is already in use and undergoing new developments and innovations has already passed the tests of longevity.

Definitely cloud is here to stay. Gartner published some findings regarding this, you may be aware of those but listing those could be a good way to explain the myth related to cloud future:

  • Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2012 summarizes that businesses adopting cloud as their strategic business component would realize its full potential and achieve performance acceleration as compared to those who wouldn’t go for this or adopt it just for IT cost reduction.
  • Cloud computing is chosen the high interest area in Gartner Polls and more than 70% of participants have indicated their plans for reviewing Cloud computing solutions.
  • Based on the research Gartner forecasted that more than 50% businesses would adopt and implement some kind of SaaS based applications by the end of 2015.
  • Not only B2B, Gartner has predicted the huge impact of cloud computing on consumers too. They forecasted that cloud would dominate the digital lives of consumer by 2014 replacing the personal computer.

These are few myths related to cloud computing, if you feel something remains please add comment regarding it. As the computing needs of businesses are increasing and companies are heavily dependent on mobile technologies cloud computing is surely a worth business strategy to learn and adopt. You always don’t need to take everything to the cloud and this is the beauty of cloud.

Above all communication and team work are an essential part of business regardless of industry and nature of business. Cloud support effective and timely communication, collaboration and networking which makes it a powerful and promising.

By Richa Pokhriyal

This post is contributed by Richa Pokhriyal , Digital Media Specialist @ Egocentrix. Egocentrix is specialized in SaaS services like Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hosting, Online Microsoft SharePoint Hosting, Antispam Solution, BlackBerry Exchange Server Synchronization Services, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Online Backup & Data Protection, Website Hosting and many more!

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