Ecommerce Industry Pressed Panic Button After World Goes Smart. Why?

Ecommerce Industry Pressed Panic Button After World Goes Smart. Why?

As the present King of World Wide Web, Facebook has shifted its focus to caress its mobile users; there is a visible turmoil among other online emperors, mostly among the ecommerce emperors. Facebook has recently expressed its next aim of targeting the iOS6 and other mobile users as they are currently working on mobile optimized apps and integrated programs as their analytics shows a steep curve in the mobile usage graph.

Right after this realization of Zuckerberg’s people, the whole world is literally stirred with a thought, a thought which should have been taken into consideration months before. How to cope with this sudden surge of mobile users? If you take a look at the leading ecommerce sites, you will probably notice that very few of them actually have a different platform for mobile. Yes, this is the fact as neither of the ecommerce sites ever thought seriously about the mobile users. If you ask them why they have not yet focused in this area, you will get replies like “mobile users don’t buy pricey products”, “if they want to buy they will definitely use their desktop or laptop to complete the purchase” etc. It is almost taken for granted that people who browse through an ecommerce site can be a flying customer, but not a serious buyer.

This notion has created a crisis where ecommerce giants are standing at a loss as they have failed to provide satisfactory services to their mobile customers. Data shows that, nowadays, a reputed ecommerce site receives its 20 percent sessions from mobile devices. This 20 percent session when goes unnoticed and ignored, it converts to a 75 percent depression in the purchase graph, which is hard to ignore.

The market analyzers have already predicted that in the next 2 to 3 years, mobile will rise as the main platform of ecommerce and around 50 percent of ecommerce business will come from this tiny little device. So if you the owner of an ecommerce portal and you do not have the mobile version of the site or a mobile-friendly shopping platform then cross your heart and hope to quit the market before it’s too late.

Right now it’s a ‘do or die’ situation for all ecommerce people, starting from the giants to the dwarfs. Let us wait and watch who fits the Darwin’s theory.

By Durba Sengupta


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