European Cloud Partnership And The Possibilities Of This New Beginning

European Cloud Partnership And The Possibilities Of This New Beginning

When the rest of the world is technically on cloud nine, the European Union is going to take a serious note about incorporating cloud in their fiscal plans. According to a press release published by European Union, they are measuring the economic benefit of going cloud. The statistics show that by going cloud EU can alone draw an extra “€160 billion per year” whereas the individual benefit will not be anything less than €300 per year. But even if this alluring amount of profit, the question remains why it has not embraced cloud yet? Is it only for the legal bindings or just the absence of a concrete strategy?

To find a definite answer and maneuver its way to execute the plans, EU has planned to submit its terms of European Cloud Partnership in the beginning of 2013 and by end of that same fiscal year (2013) it is expecting some concrete data in hand on the growth of cloud computing and its progress report in the European Union.

Let us take a quick look at the economic possibilities EU is looking forward to –

  • With a successful policy intervention, the revenue from cloud market can go up to around €80 billion within next 6-7 years.

  • If the strategy works as it is meant to be, the EU GDP will grow by €160 billion per annum. In case some hindrances occur in executing the plans, the gain will decrease two third of this €160 billion.

  • Business houses will benefit from this cloud computing as it is less costly and more cost-effective. So better productivity at cheaper prices is ensured.

  • Complete execution of this EU cloud strategy also guarantees a new boom of 3.8 million career opportunities.

What benefits EU is going to reap from cloud computing?

  • Most of the common citizens and small or medium sized companies as well as large set-ups are already using cloud computing by free email services etc. That dependency on cloud automatically lowers down the IT cost by 10%-20%. The more the better.
  • Cloud computing also restricts the harmful carbon emission as decreases individual power or fuel consumption.
  • IT students will get to explore new opportunities as 96% of businesses in European Union region is yet to convert into cloud.

Keeping in mind all the benefits and possibilities, European Cloud Partnership is all set to start a new revolution in its IT sector, by securing its future with Cloud Computing.

By Durba Sengupta


Author Bio - Durba is a professional writer and blogger who is passionate about the latest technological trends and changes. With a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, she is possessed with a nose for the latest news along with an innate capability of presenting the complex technological matters in a simple way.


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