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How Cloud Computing Is Improving Asynchronous Learning In Schools

How Cloud Computing Is Improving Asynchronous Learning In Schools

A perfect example of just how much cloud computing is improving learning is demonstrated by those studying to become cloud technicians. There are already Master’s degree classes available on the Internet via the asynchronous learning system. This system enables learners from anywhere on the planet to interact with tutors in real time, exchange notes, and share files.

Going further, university students are now able to attend demonstration sessions on how to handle technology through remote laboratories using advanced applications that can bring information in three dimensions. This helps users feel like they are in a real lecture hall. The virtualization app is one of the platforms that are helping learners to get the practical side of the cloud from the comfort of their homes. They can toy around with technology so they can perfect it, while still learning.

One can also showcase examples outside the actual cloud computing learning syllabus, where education and technology meet. One of these is in telemedicine. Medical students now have a chance to follow breakthroughs in medicine right at the time of their happening. They can explore the research process remotely. Such virtual learning setting increases the ability to grasp information quickly because it is demonstrable. In case of doubt, one can ask questions through video technology or revise papers while the lecturer is waiting at the other end, courtesy of secure file sharing systems of a private cloud.

There is another angle to ascribe to the cloud learning situation. This is the ability to record data and use it later on. If the learners feel that they did not get anything the tutor was saying during the live stream, they can go back for the podcast and stream the recording again. This is one example where remote learning supersedes real-time education because the learner can attend the same lecture as many times as they need to understand the concepts presented.

Finally, cloud computing improves asynchronous learning by increasing its already famous flexibility. It is now possible to use a decoder to record a lecture while attending another class. This saves time and helps the learner to concentrate on other matters, like a job.

It might be a matter of years before we get the announcement by universities that asynchronous learning is now part of any campus-based study. This would be courtesy of the improvements that cloud computing is rendering in the education sector.

By John Omwamba


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