How Much Security Can Secure Your Life In Cloud Mobile?

How Much Security Can Secure Your Life In Cloud Mobile?

This can be the trillion or septillion dollar question of this decade. When you are cheerfully using your smartphone to perform all online transactions and interactions, you are thinking that you can beat the security concerns of using a public computer or storing the data in public domain.

We do not carry wallets anymore; we have shifted to Google Wallet. Using real money is almost obsolete these days as we prefer online banking. You just log in to your e-banking account and do whatever you want to do with our money, from online shopping and online utility bill payments to signing business deals. There is no need to jam your brain with the contacts and their special days, your smartphone is smart enough to remind you all pivotal and trivial issues.

But if you can take a look inside of mobile cloud computing, your heart may skip some beats. What you are thinking solely your private domain is actually part of a gigantic cloud domain. When you are thinking that the firewall is protecting your cloud server from any foreign attacks, reality shows that your personal data can be highly vulnerable to hackers via access authentication or using different apps. Apps are mostly creating this nuisance of security breach unless they are from trustworthy companies.

So what’s the way out from the mobile cloud security concerns?

Companies like Azaleos, PassBan, or apps like Snap MyLife are creating new applications that will ensure better security. For example, PassBan is after making a mobile-based program which will use multiple-verification procedures to restrain hackers from acquiring access to user personal information. Its six step authentication process includes “voice, face, motion, location, token, password.” So in case the place is too dark or the face is unknown to the program, it will prompt the user to choose other verification steps. This sounds brilliant and innovative. Apps like Snap MyLife offer different subscription options for different security packages. Azaleos provides a number of cloud security services for both personal and professional users. Now give it a thought!

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