What Cloud Service Providers Can Do To Accelerate Cloud Computing Uptake

What Cloud Service Providers Can Do To Accelerate Cloud Computing Uptake

Cloud computing is a promising technology; however, uptake by businesses remains slow in some industries despite the many benefits of cloud computing. Productivity, lower costs, and efficiency are some of the open benefits of the cloud. Even so, some businesses will never come on board. How can cloud computing providers convince businesses to adopt their services?

Close the cloud computing knowledge gap

Apparently, very few people understand what cloud computing is. According to the results of a survey, less than 50 percent of the U.S. population knows what cloud computing it. In the less developed countries, where there are less opportunities for new technology, this figure could be lower. Cloud computing companies need to move faster and spread the information about the benefits of their services. Once the people understand the basics of the cloud, its benefits, platforms and uses, more and more companies and businesses will buy into it.

Listen to end users and what they need

There are many cloud solutions and products on the market, but only a few are unique and useful to individuals and businesses. This means that providers need to study users’ needs better. Users need solutions that are valuable, simple to use, and cannot be duplicated. For this, providers need to create a larger pool of quality products to attract new users.

Clear the air of negative cloud computing publicity

Cloud computing receives a lot of negative publicity, especially surrounding the issues of privacy, security, and contracts-service charters. It appears, however, that the providers make little effort to deal with these concerns. As a result, most of those who get on board aren’t really informed about what they buy. Others prefer to wait adopting this technology, hoping that a better and more secure service (other than the cloud) will become available as technology advances. The lack of transparency regarding contracts, scrutiny, and independent audits also impede the wide adoption of cloud computing.

To correct these negative sentiments, cloud providers need to act. First, they need to make sure that privacy issues and security are taken care of. Companies also need to build trust with a more open and mutually beneficial relationship with users and buyers.

Cloud computing has a lot of potential but is as an industry that is still growing, so a lot of work still needs to be done. The responsibility of the uptake of cloud computing lies mainly with service providers. If they solve the issues that are slowing the uptake, it is likely that more businesses will adopt cloud computing.

By Gregory Musungu


Gregory is a writer from Kenya whose education background is Biotechnology, New Media and Accounting. When his intense passion for the tech sphere is not sending him to experiment with new gadgets and technology, you can find him creatively engaged in Nairobi’s thriving underground art scene, copywriting and design.

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