Where The Cloud, Cars And The Mobile Meet

Where The Cloud, Cars And The Mobile Meet

Where The Cloud, Cars And The Mobile Meet

There is always a bridge between different platforms be they devices or networks. The same case applies to vehicles, handheld devices and the latest nebula in the Internet skies, cloud computing. It has become easier to communicate comfortably in the driver’s seat without lifting a finger courtesy of Bluetooth and other technologies that have hitherto been inherently mobile. It is also a show of coercion between the three platforms that makes it possible to call someone while using only the voice as the command for making that call. Here is a dissection of the thin line that separates the three platforms.

Mobile in cars

Mobile gadgets are becoming more of a non-entity inside vehicles. They may even lose the term ‘handheld devices’ because they are now customized into the system. They come with their buttons on the dashboard whereby if one wants to send a message or place a call, he or she will just have to turn on the button and communicate directly. Alternatively, one can decide to attach the gadget to a connector so that whenever a call comes through, there won’t be any need to use hands to receive it. The basic technologies that are now migrating from the phone to the auto industry include that of Bluetooth and wireless web connections.

Cloud in cars

Cloud computing as a method to keep bulky data safely away is making great strides within the auto industry. It is helping users in accessing infotainment privileges using the most minimalist devices possible. In fact a touch screen is enough facilitation to play around with a myriad of mobile stats on the web while still driving. It also helps to connect to the best music and video sources within seconds. All this happens with less clutter of buttons, than ever before, in the interior of the vehicle.

Where they all meet

Now, mobile interfaces are transforming the car interiors due to cloud computing advances. In a couple of years, one will not be saying that he or she is surfing the app stores for their phone but specifically for their cars. Of course the app store terminology may even have become obsolete when the cloud provides all open source software to facilitate the acquisition of applications that are necessary.

It is quite interesting to note that third-party providers of phone services are making an arrival into the auto scene. There are particular Internet radios that use customized solutions to reach the advanced device user. These have obtained license to exploit the same applications on the dashboard. It will be quite intriguing to tune in to a favorite station, via the phone browser, especially knowing that it is a custom introduction rather than a normal streaming experience.

It is therefore easy to trace the thin line that is melting slowly, bridging phones and cars through cloud computing. Of course this transformation will take some time, but there is every sign that it could soon become fully-fledged.

By John Omwamba

Image Source: http://news.discovery.com/autos/ford-evos-cloud-computing-car-110913.html


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