Barriers In Cloud Computing Adoption

Barriers In Cloud Computing Adoption

Though cloud computing is largely considered as the future of enterprise and consumer computing, it is not without its drawbacks and flaws that would prevent those with really special needs to adopt cloud computing into their business or organization. The cloud delivery mechanism, the internet, is leading to new and somewhat questionable revenue streams which are fraught with uncertainty, complexity, and have different privacy and tax compliance depending on the location and this is boggling the minds of users and providers alike.

So let us look at some major problems that inhibit the adoption of cloud computing in some IT organizations.

  • Corporate culture shock –every company has a different culture because of different leaders and practices. If a company is used to doing everything themselves and having power over all that is happening around them suddenly finds that their work routine has shifted dramatically and often find themselves working on something that they really do not need to anymore.

This also has impact on managers used to being managers of internal service to a manager of external services.

  • Control Loss – the organization losses all control on the infrastructure and the IT environment directly, but instead interact through tools provided by the vendor. But the skills required to do this are not typically owned by most IT professionals so they would need to learn what in order to be able to use the system properly. The scope of their control is also defined by the TOS and service level agreements with the provider.
  • Data security – unlike in-house systems, cloud computing is online and accessible to anyone who knows how to get it. While if the data or services would have been provided internally, security can be made more robust as total connection from the outside world can be cut off. A growing concern is also the exchange of data on the internet which tend to be non-secure as lines can be sniffed and read by third parties. Fact is you will not know who is actually seeing and handling your data when it is controlled by a third party provider, which leads as to…
  • Privacy concerns –when third parties handle your data, there is no guarantee that they have not seen any part of it in the course of maintaining the infrastructure.

No proper regulations and standard laws – without this, things slowly become chaotic as each provider may implement their own systems very differently from other vendors, hence would make it harder for people to transfer from one vendor to another because of incompatibility.

The concern over these drawbacks is often big enough for some organizations to eschew cloud computing in general. And until all of our doubts can be answered and the holes patched, the cloud is not really for everyone.

By Abdul Salam


Abdul Salam is IT professional and an accomplished technical writer with CloudTweaks. He earned his undergraduate degree in Information Technology followed by a postgraduate degree in Business Informatics. Abdul possess over 3 years’ experience in technical & business writing with deep knowledge in Cloud Computing, VMware,Oracle, Oracle ERP, Cloud ERP, Microsoft Technologies and Network Communications (Cisco, Juniper). Visit his LinkedIn profile at:

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