Car, Cloud, And Smartphones: The Future Looks Smart

Car, Cloud, And Smartphones: The Future Looks Smart

It is not too far away the day when you will tap your smartphone and, within seconds, your car will be right at your doorstep. Or maybe your smart phone will start buzzing whenever someone comes warily close to your car, especially when you are busy shopping or sipping coffee with your friends. No, this is not a scene from the latest 007 flick, but it is reality. Nissan’s NSC-2015, the harbinger of that fusion between fiction and fact, is an electronic car which is going to step in the market in 2015. The car will be connected to your phone via cloud computing; hence, it can be easily monitored via smartphones. But don’t think it’s only another robotic car stuffed with features like auto-pilot, auto-sensor, or anti-burglar alarm.

Here is a list of tasks this NSC-2015 can do with and without the help of cloud computing.

1. You tap a button on your smartphone and the car will drive towards you. So there will be no need for you to worry about spotting your car in the parking lot.

2. You are somewhere away from your car and a person comes very close to your vehicle. You will immediately receive a notification about it and your car will prompt you to view a real-time video recording. Upon your consent, the exterior camera in the car will start capturing a 360-degree video that you can watch on your smartphone. If you cannot recognize the person, your smartphone will automatically switch the alarm on.

3. Be it slipping into reverse, moving forward, or making a perfect U-turn, NSC 2015 can do that for you, on its own, but it cannot drive you to your destination without your input; at least its first few generations will lack that auto-driving skill.

However, NSC 2015 will not be able to park itself among other non-robotic cars as it depends not on GPRS but long term evolution cellular and sensors to create an accurate map of the cars parked around. So until it is completely surrounded by similar cars, it will not be able to decipher the picture.

NSC 2015 indicates a future where cloud computing, smartphones, and automobiles will work together to make your driving experience easier and more pleasant.

By Durba Sengupta

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