Cloud Computing Storms IT Deparments For Small Businesses

Cloud Computing Storms IT Deparments For Small Businesses

Gaining popularity in Europe and the U.S., cloud computing has been sweeping through IT departments in small businesses in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) as well. reported that nearly 80 percent of the private sector of business in foreign trade are small to medium businesses that are growing in company size and product development. Business growth means more IT management and an increase in computers, data and information management, which has made cloud computing all the more attractive.

Whether it’s for personal or business use, small business owners are turning to cloud computing for both data and finance management and IT managers are finding this development in technology to be a convenient, time-saving system as well. You might be wondering why cloud computing and services like VPS hosting are so popular for many small businesses and their IT departments.

Here’s why:

24/7 Protection

An IT professional that uses a private virtual server for its companies’ data and employee records are utilizing cloud computing services now more than ever because they protect and monitor data and sensitive information around the clock remotely. If a company experiences a power outage or a hacker attempts to penetrate a business’ valued private information, then a cloud computing system will protect the valued data from a remote location.


From its humble beginnings to now, Amazon and DropBox have remained as two of the largest cloud services online today. Growing in security and space available for storing information, these two systems are also loved for their accessibility from anywhere you can find an internet connection. If you make changes to a file on your laptop, another user can access the same file and make more changes on their smartphone.

Simplifying Filing Systems

Many small to medium businesses appreciate that cloud computing systems save information in easy-to-sort files that allow you to save data in many formats and applications and then sort that data in file folders that can be named and easily sorted and searched.

Minimizing Tasks

For many who need to send out mass emails, for marketing purposes, or who need to share files or images with several people, there are cloud services that will share information and files with groups of people or will even allow public access. IT professionals and public relation groups appreciate being able to control who and how many users are able to access data on a cloud service.

Easy to Modify

Many programs made for cloud computing can be structured and changed to meet the needs of an IT professional or a business owner. Because no two businesses are built the same and because many businesses share similarities in terms of needs and models, cloud computing services like DropBox, Media Temple and even Google docs can be restructured, with different colored labels, and in as many subsets as needed, in various ways to meet your businesses’ organizational needs.

By Richard Phillips

Richard with 20 years in project management, Rick took an early retirement from corporate America to work from the comfort of his home office. He is a consultant for mid- to large-size corporations and guest posts for a number of project management blogs.

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