Thanks, Cloud Computing, For Shaping Our Future

Thanks, Cloud Computing, For Shaping Our Future

Thanks, Cloud Computing, For Shaping Our Future

When people are infatuated with the latest gadget on the market, they may fail to remember that somewhere beneath the surface someone is working on its next replacement and, unmistakably, with a bulk of more advanced features which one cannot even think of right now. When in 1999, BlackBerry made its breakthrough entry and pushed a new phrase, “mobile cloud”, in the dictionary, people were skeptical about its purpose. They used to carry a huge mobile phone in the pocket just to check inbox and send e-mails from time to time. But now, even college students prefer to buy a cell phone with a push mail feature.

That is how technology teaches us new things, changes our habits and way of living. The cloud is the latest addition to this list of life-changing technologies and, as morning shows the day, current cloud happenings shows a brighter future for all of us. Consider those thousands of mobile apps that we use every next minute to perform some actions, from checking the latest tweets to sharing the photo of a cute dog you just captured using your smartphone. Apps help us to stay connected with our peers and families.

Some of the mobile applications even perform actions on your behalf. An app automatically shares photos you captured during an event with other people who were also present at the event. Another app pays your restaurant bill directly from your bank account. For example,  Squareup is an iPhone application which sets you free from using cash or swapping your credit card at the cash counter. All you need is to find a nearby restaurant using Square’s map, check in, have your meal, and during checking out just tap on the name of the restaurant shown on your phone and your bill will be paid. While walking out, the register will confirm your payment.

Give it a few more years and you will see the rise of fully-automated, integrated, and invisible cloud system innovations which will indicate a restaurant where you can find suitable food as per your current diet chart and see your friends’ ratings on the dishes.

And most importantly, the complete system will work behind the curtain because that’s the magic of smart technology: it will not poke you, disturb you, or ask you to remind it its tasks. It will just be there when you need it the most.

By Durba Sengupta

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