Whitepaper: Microsoft SharePoint On The AWS Cloud – Learn How!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a complete set of services and tools for deploying Windows® workloads, including Microsoft® SharePoint® Server, on its highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform. This white paper discusses general concepts regarding how to use these services and provides detailed technical guidance on how to configure, deploy, and run a SharePoint Server farm on AWS. It illustrates reference architecture for common SharePoint Server deployment scenarios and discusses their network, security, and deployment configurations so you can run SharePoint Server workloads in the cloud with confidence.

This white paper is targeted to IT infrastructure decision-makers and administrators. After reading it, you should have a good idea of how to set up and deploy the components of a typical SharePoint Server farm on AWS. You learn which artifacts to use and how to configure the various infrastructure details, such as compute instances, storage, security, and networking.

Enterprises need to grow and manage their global computing infrastructures rapidly and efficiently while simultaneously optimizing and managing capital costs and expenses. AWS’s computing and storage services meet this need by providing a global computing infrastructure. The AWS infrastructure enables companies to rapidly spin up compute capacity or quickly and flexibly extend their existing on-premise infrastructure into the cloud. AWS provides a rich set of services and robust, enterprise-grade mechanisms for security, networking, computation, and storage.

SharePoint Server is a widely deployed application platform, common in many organizations as the main portal for team–corporate collaboration, content management, workflow, and access to corporate applications. One key benefit of SharePoint Server is that it enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing business needs. AWS is a perfect complement to SharePoint Server, because it enables organizations to rapidly provision the necessary computing infrastructure to power SharePoint Server solutions.

As a relevant data point and case study, the Amazon Corporate IT team hosts Amazon’s own corporate intranet running SharePoint Server on AWS. They have published a white paper detailing its evaluation, security requirements, architecture, benefits, and lessons learned from the deployment. Note that at the time the Amazon Corporate IT team deployed their SharePoint Server environment and wrote the white paper, a number of the AWS services discussed herein were either not in place or limited in their availability.

This current paper provides an up-to-date and more high level description of how to support SharePoint Server on AWS.

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