Work Shifting, Business Continuity, And The Cloud

Work Shifting, Business Continuity, And The Cloud

Cloud computing’s inherent property of accessibility is one of the key motivators for its adoption by the general public and smaller businesses alike. Businesses and organizations often have offices for all of their employees. But employees are sometimes not able to come to the office to work due to a family emergency, sickness, transport strike, or an extreme weather event.

Thanks to cloud computing accessibility and services like Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and application hosting, employees can do their work remotely when they are unable to go to the office. All they need is a computer or mobile device that can connect to the Internet. This is what it referred to as work shifting and business continuity.

The concept of the physical office itself is becoming obsolete. No one really needs to go to the office unless they need physical files or resources. If, however, you can access all of those files and software from your home or anywhere else you might want to be, in would make life simpler and fun. Imagine that you can work from the comfort of your own living room, the poolside chair, or the park. That is called Work shifting, and it is a global trend pioneered by several online freelance websites. Clients and workers are able to work together even if they are in opposite sides of the world. Although the examples given above do not completely define true Work shifting brought by cloud computing, it is a start. Work shifting allows you more time with friends and families while still accomplishing work-related tasks.

Without a physical office to destroy and disrupt business, hurricanes or other severe weather events will not bring the usual fear of losing data or work time to local businesses. This is called business continuity and it can be a solution to disruptions caused by adverse weather. Because the most important parts of the business have been placed online, business continues despite storms or floods in the real world.

Work shifting allows a business to hire workers from across the globe and to operate 24/7 on a global scale and without the fear of business disruption from any number of known variables. True business continuity brings true profits that only the cloud can provide.

By Abdul Salam


Abdul Salam is IT professional and an accomplished technical writer with CloudTweaks. He earned his undergraduate degree in Information Technology followed by a postgraduate degree in Business Informatics. Abdul possess over 3 years’ experience in technical & business writing with deep knowledge in Cloud Computing, VMware,Oracle, Oracle ERP, Cloud ERP, Microsoft Technologies and Network Communications (Cisco, Juniper). Visit his LinkedIn profile at:

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