Desktop as a Service – The New Trend Of 2013

Desktop as a Service – The New Trend Of 2013

As some voices in the industry recognize, it appears that Desktop as a Service will be one of the hot topics of 2013. DaaS is considered the ideal platform for cloud computing in small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). DaaS allows the outsourcing of the entire desktop environment to a third party service provider. The service can be purchased on a subscription basis.

The Desktop as a Service provider will manage upgrades, backup solutions and data storage. This will allow companies to focus on their business and goals. The service can be available on demand regardless of geographical location or organizational separation and access to the desktop is device, location and network independent.

DaaS – Hot Trend in 2013 for SMB

By using the DaaS model, companies don’t have to deal any longer with the purchasing, installation and ongoing operational issues that may occur when maintaining a desktop environment. Providing systems and software to the staff members or consultants has become a real challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore,  DaaS would be the most appropriate solution for users that will need to connect on any device, anywhere.

DaaS is recommended for a wide variety of computing scenarios where managing underlying infrastructure is not necessary. Some examples are traditional call centers or a fully mobile workforce.

The main benefits of Desktop as a Service are the following:

  • Hardware expenses are reduced and costs are scaled on monthly demand.
  • Employees can work anytime, anywhere. Virtual desktop systems can be accessed both from intelligent networks – enabled devices as a platform such as smartphones and tablets and from more traditional devices, such as laptops and desktop computers.
  • Daily maintenance and device deployments are automated.

DaaS may be a suitable solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the new year and many organizations might adopt this model in the future. However, before taking the decisions, enterprises must assure that their needs for off line availability, security, service levels and complying with laws and regulations will be met properly by this model and by the provider they choose.

By Rick Blaisdell

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