Does The Cloud Actually Exist? Cloud Myths

Does The Cloud Actually Exist? Cloud Myths

Does The Cloud Actually Exist? Cloud Myths

Recently we have come across an alarming trend amongst cloud computing clients. The problem stems from irresponsible behavior on the part of some Cloud Service providers in their blogs and on-line writings. This is perpetuating the dangerous myth that the Cloud actually exists.

That any web based service would maintain a blog of some sort, is not a surprise. Blogging is an accepted and effective marketing tool, part of the arsenal that marketers use to distinguish their websites, and their products from one another. It is also a way to disguise the fact that it is nearly impossible to determine which cloud service provides the best value.

Apples to Apples Comparisons

In theory, a potential Cloud user could compare the various Cloud service providers by researching the different products and services, perhaps putting their notes into a spread sheet. This would allow for apples to apples comparison. Fortunately, the marketers who are in charge of the Cloud Service Sales sites have each put together spreadsheets with all the information that the end consumer possibly requires in order to reach an informed decision. We are not even concerned that each of these information snippets show that the Cloud service at the top of each sheet is the best value.

The single most disturbing trend in Cloud Service Marketing is the contention that the Cloud actually exists. A few marketers have even had the audacity to reveal the “location” of their servers. One particularly irresponsible marketer went so far as to claim that their client’s data would be living at the Northeast Regional Data Center in Northern Virginia, on servers next to Amazon’s own data.

What Is Real? Non-Existent Clouds or Non-Existent Data?

cloud Xmas

Cloud customers are becoming too sophisticated to accept these fictions. Although there may be a lingering desire to at least theoretically know where data stored in the Cloud is physically located, savvy users realize that it simply doesn’t matter. Once the data is uploaded to the cloud, it no longer exists, at least not until it is retrieved by the user.

Perhaps ceasing to exist is too strong a description for users who are not completely familiar with the actual mechanics of the Internet. It may be better to come clean and reveal the truth that there is no danger of storage facilities in the North Pole reaching capacity in the foreseeable future. Santa’s Workshop exists, so perhaps the data stored there does, as well.

These clients will be further reassured as the storage facilities on the campus of Hogwarts’s Academy come on line. The Hogwart’s facility will, of course, be dedicated to “data back-up”, but the fact that security will be run by the Ministry of Magic has sent reassurance throughout the Cloud community.

By Trevor Hutchinson

Trevor has been writing humor pieces related to technology for over 20 years. The buzz around Cloud Computing has provided Trevor with a whole new platform with which to share his humor on.

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2 Responses to Does The Cloud Actually Exist? Cloud Myths

  1. Hang on a minute. Where specific types of data is located matters. Companies need to be compliant with local regulations, and those identify in which geographical location specific data items need to reside. So, pretending a service is not cloud  because it provides some transparency on the location in which data will be stored, allowing the customer to judge whether he will remain compliant if he consumes the service, is just creasy. Go back to the NIST definition of cloud and tell me where it is written that the physical location of a datacenter may not be divulged. Cloud is all about provisioning of a service using virtualization, standardization, automation and self-provisioning.

  2. Good points Christian.
    However,  this is meant to be a flippant comic article and not meant to be taken seriously. Hence the use of the comic images and Trevor’s byline. Another tongue-in-cheek article we have posted is: . 

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