Google Wants To Keep Your Memos With Google Keep

Google Wants To Keep Your Memos With Google Keep

Google Wants to Keep Your Memos with Google Keep

Google helps keep you organized, and jumps in to the burgeoning digital memo market with Google Keep, but they may be too late to the game, analysts say.

Google recently released the new addition to its strong lineup of free and robust services. Google Kegoogle-keepep makes use of the cloud’s omnipresence to keep you posted of all yours, well, posted notes across all platforms to ensure that you do not forget anything. Your main posting app is the Google Keep Android app available on the playstore while your cloud storage would be your Google Drive account, where you can also manage your notes and the only way to view them on your PC. It would be nice if you can change this to whatever storage service you prefer like Dropbox, Amazon, or Box, but this seems like a long shot because Google likes to make sure that you are using their services as much as possible.

The Google Keep app is of course free and is really quite easy to use compared to Evernote which I have been using for a long time. The interface reflects Googles adherence to simplicity which only shows the four main note taking ways available to you while showing the notes as tiles ala-Windows 8 especially because of the colors you can assign to each note.

It is extremely intuitive and easy to use. All four icons essentially do the same thing, and they are just like short cuts to the other functions within the app. What I mean is that you can create a note using the new note button allowing you to use the keyboard. But then you can also add a picture to the note from within the note itself, which means that the camera button simply allows you to take a picture first then add a caption afterwards. You can also create lists automatically crush out when you check them, and of course we have voice transcription which still requires an active internet connection to work.

Google Keep is in direct competition with Evernote, Springpad, Catch, and many others. Analysts think that it would be too late in the game to make an impact on the market, but if there is anyone out there who can make an impact it would be Google.

By Abdul Salam

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He has recently co-authored: Deploying and Managing a Cloud Infrastructure: Real-World Skills for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification (Wiley).

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