Are You Focused On Cloud Performance?

Are You Focused On Cloud Performance?

Are You Focused On Cloud Performance? Let These Free Information Assets Guide You

Performance is your reality. Forget everything else.

                                                       – Harold S Geneen (1910-1997), American businessman and former CEO of ITT.

In almost every sphere of human activity, and business is no different, performance is the key differentiator for success. Whether it’s the performance of your systems or your people, performance is what brings in the dough.

Understanding what affects performance in the cloud, how you can measure and analyze it, what you can do to remove hurdles affecting performance and how you can improve it – these are some of the things we will be discussing today.


What affects performance?

While there are many things that can affect performance in the cloud, perhaps the most critical is security. The move to the cloud and virtualized environments along with an increasingly mobile workforce, the ongoing trend of employee Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trends and the adoption of cloud based applications has become a major challenge. This paper can help you navigate these difficult waters.

How can you monitor performance?

As the maxim goes, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” ExtraHop provides real-time operational intelligence for complex, dynamic production environments. You can download this tool to get free access for 60 days.

How can you analyze performance?

Analysis is a prerequisite for improvement. In fact, analysis can also reveal problems before they impact the business. This paper titled Beyond Web Analytics showcases how IT can proactively address problems before they result in service degradation.

How can you improve performance?

As compared to legacy IT, cloud performance is more dependent on the network. Citrix NetScaler with TriScale technology drives unprecedented network scalability, enabling IT teams to build enterprise cloud networks that can scale up performance 5x, scale out capacity by 32x, and scale in consolidation by running up to 40 appliances in a single platform. This paper tells you how.

Performance on the cloud can be significantly improved through integration. This paper titled How Hardware and Software Integration Provides a Competitive Advantage explores the relationship between hardware and software components in delivering a high-performing cloud environment. It presents a list of questions to guide the reader in evaluating the offers of different cloud providers and provides a comprehensive overview of HP Integrated Solutions.

Also, do check out this company that is doing an excellent job optimizing performance on the cloud. Have a high-performance week ahead!

By Sourya Biswas

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