Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Is Here To Stay

Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Is Here To Stay

Three factors were individually tested to measure server performance – processor, memory and storage – and each were evaluated working jointly during workloads for an overall server performance grade. A bare-metal dedicated server was used as a benchmark control. Read More

Edit: An infographic provided by Firehost with statistical sources from Cisco, Gartner and Forbes…

-60%  business workload report in the cloud by 2016 can be found at  Cisco Global Cloud Index.

- “Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011 – 2016 (Q4 Update published Feb. 8, 2013) as well as Forbes

FireHost-Performance-Infographic copy

Infographic Source: Firehost


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    The adoption percentage in this infographic is significantly higher than most industry folks would suggest. In a recent Cloud2020 event, most of the folks suggested adoption of no more than 20-30% by 2020. Also, a cloud market value of $60 billion doesn’t make sense. If you were to assume that infrastructure costs are 1/10 of all IT costs and the current market for IT globally is $4 trillion, then even without growth you’d be looking at $400 million.

      • says

        cloudtweaks mthiele10 You’re correct, my apologies. I actually meant to reference it as 60%. Most of the cloud/infra people I’ve spoken to think the year 2020 is likely to see no more than about 30% pub cloud adoption. So, I’m just saying that 60% adoption for (pub & priv) by 2016 seems aggressive. But in truth, it’s anyone’s guess at this point.


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